dear new mom

31 Days of Everyday Grace: Dear New Mom {Day 8}

dear new mom

Dear New Mom,

You just had a baby. You know it’s okay to rest, don’t you? It’s okay to stay in your pj’s all day. You don’t have to bounce back and get back to the business of living life right.this.instant. There’s grace.

New mom, you can leave the clean laundry (that someone else did for you) in the baskets in the middle of your bedroom floor all week long if you need to. You don’t have to wipe down the shower walls every time you get out just because it will make your job easier later. There’s a baby crying. The shower walls can wait. Accept grace.

You don’t have to jump right back into homeschooling your other children. Reading a story is enough. Snuggling on the couch is enough. Being a family is enough. There’s grace.

Oh sweet mama, you can order take out and plan your menu twenty minutes before it’s supposed to hit the table. No one but you wants a gourmet meal every night. It’s acceptable to fix sandwiches for dinner and call it a night. There’s grace.

There’s nothing wrong with bathing your children (or yourself) once a week. There’s no shame. Accept grace.

It’s okay to leave the dishes in the sink to step outside for a breath of fresh air. You don’t have to hit the master project list yet. You’ll get there. There’s grace.

New mommy, look at your husband and smile, even if it’s through foggy eyes and tear stained cheeks. Hold his hand and let him hug you. Accept grace.

New mommy, hold your babies tight and memorize their faces. Stare at your newborn for as long as you can and smell the sweet baby smells. Hold your toddler’s hand and walk slowly up the stairs. Don’t rush. Take your time. This is a fleeting season. There’s grace.

New mommy, you will find a new normal. You will have your babies fed, clothed, and bathed on a regular schedule soon enough. You will shower again without worrying if you’ll make it through before one or both children emerge from sleep. You won’t always smell like spit up and your toddler will one day wipe his own hiney. He will. They will grow. Cling to grace.

New mommy, you’re tired. Give yourself grace.

I’m with you. We will find our new rhythm soon. I promise. In the meantime, take a deep breath. Take five minutes if you can. If you can’t, guess what? There’s grace. 

New moms give yourself some grace

31 days of everyday grace

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