Dear First-Time Mom Who is Waiting on Labor to Start


Dear First Time Mom Who is Waiting on Labor Start,

You are almost there! The day you have been waiting for since you found out you were pregnant, and you’re eager, oh so eager, to hold your baby in your arms.

You’re tired of imagining that little nose and tired of guessing whose eyes your baby will have. You’re tired of having someone else tie your shoes and tired of running to the bathroom every five minutes because a certain little someone decided to use your bladder as a punching bag.

You’re ready to meet your baby. Ready to stop wondering when labor will start. Ready to be a mom of a newborn. Ready to start healing. Ready to just.be.done.

I get it.

The last few weeks of pregnancy can be really hard.

You’ve spent the last nine months meticulously eating healthy foods, taking the best supplements for you and your baby, and researching everything pregnancy and baby related so that you can make the best possible choices for your family.

You have your birth plan written out, your bags packed or your home birth supplies gathered, and you’ve done every possible thing including deep cleaning the garage and shaving your legs one last time – just in case.

The last weeks of pregnancy can be a trying time for any mom. No matter how many times you’ve done it, the last weeks are just hard.

But Mama, know this: You are not alone. You will not stay pregnant forever. Mamas all over the world have been right where you are, and we want to encourage you. If you’ll let us.

I want to share 7 things you can do while you wait with you. Head on over to The Humbled Homemaker to read the rest of this post. Click here to continue reading!

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