31 Days of Everyday Grace: Some Might Think I’m Complaining {Day 24}

Oatmeal bowls sit crusting on the kitchen table. A newborn grunts in his crib, fighting sleep. The toddler boy says, “Mommy!” for the 12,000th time this morning. Books look like stepping stones throughout my living room. The bed sits unmade and clean laundry fills the hamper, dirty clothes piling beside it. Dirty diapers overflow the trash can. Kitchen appliances beckon for a damp cloth. Hand prints pepper the windows around my home. Confetti from a toddler’s love of scissors covers my dining room floor.

toddler with scissors

To some these might sound like complaints.

But they aren’t.

Because …

I love the people who dirty my dishes and say my name 12,000 times. I love the stories shared together and the beds warmed by sweet people. I love the people who wear the dirty clothes and the little hands that paint my windows. I love the privilege of watching my children grow and learn new things.


I love the everyday grace that is my home.

31 days of everyday grace

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