Daily To Do List for the Intentional Woman {Printable}

As a busy women, making lists is part of who we are. We have a list for home projects, schedules, routines, cleaning, cooking, groceries, and more. One thing that has helped me be more productive with my housework and other responsibilities, is having a daily to do list.

Because I couldn’t find a list that fit all the essentials of my day, while reminding me of my mission, I created my own.

What I Included On My Daily To Do List

  • Date {of course}
  • In the Kitchen {Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner plans}
  • Ideas {blog ideas, home ideas, anything that comes to me in the course of a day}
  • Memory Verse {using the Scripture Memory Challenge}
  • Home {with check boxes}
  • Errands {with check boxes}
  • Homeschool {or any other extra that you do, like Intentional Toddler Time}
  • Plan of Attack {rough draft of what my day will look like based on the above}

Each night before I go to bed, I fill out my to do list for the next day. As a blogger and new business owner, I keep strict office hours; therefore, I don’t want to waste my morning writing time with planning. But you could easily just add “filling out your daily to do list” into your morning routine. Then, during my morning time with the Lord, I pray through my list and add/take away what I need to.

In case you’re looking for a daily to do list, we’ve linked ours below. You’ll find two. One with a homeschool column and one without. We know many of you homeschool, but we’re equally aware that many of you don’t. So you can use the third column for extra space or add a header that you will actually use. If you’re a blogger, you might find our daily to do list printables for bloggers helpful instead of the ones you will find below.

Happy Planning!

Download Your Daily To Do List


Download Your Daily To Do List with Homeschool

What do you use to stay organized with everything you have to do in a day?

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