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Are you looking to add daily calendar time to your homeschool preschool routine? Then, checkout this post for how we did it when my oldest was in preschool

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As we begin to establish a more solid homeschool preschool routine, I have added a daily calendar notebook to begin our time together.

My son recently took an interest in naming the days of the week. He’d often ask me, “What day is it, Mommy?”

Therefore, I created a daily calendar notebook to incorporate into our daily homeschool preschool routine.

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Daily Calendar Notebook Materials

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Daily Calendar Notebook Contents

The following is what we have in our daily calendar notebook currently.

This will grow and change as my toddler matures and changes!

I’m not worried about perfection as much as what is important to us right now in this season.

All of these pages are either laminated or placed in a plastic page protector. We use our dry erase markers to do our daily work.

Daily prayer card – Before we begin our learning time, I have my toddler pray. Right now we are praying the following:

Lord, help me to obey with a good attitude right away, all the way, everyday. 

I have this printed off for us as a “prayer prompt.” I want to teach my son that we need Jesus all the time, and before we begin our work is just one of those times, we can humbly come before Him and ask for help.

Song card – After prayer, we sing a song together. This can be anything you want it to be. We have just started singing the Books of the New Testament together. I use 1+1+1=1’s Books of the Bible Flip Book as our guide.

Memory verse – During family devotions, we work on reviewing memory verses and learning new ones from time to time. I’m also incorporating even more memory work into our daily calendar time. I keep a printable of the current memory verse in our daily calendar notebook.

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daily calendar notebook page

Calendar Information – I created a calendar page (download below) that includes the following:

  • Today is…
  • Tomorrow is…
  • Words to the “Days of the Week Song” {to the tune of The Adams Family}
  • The month is…
  • The date is…
  • The year is…

We refer to our pocket calendar to see what day and date it is. He uses his dry erase marker to circle the correct day and month. Then I help him write the date and year.

daily calendar notebook weather page_edited-2

Weather & How I Feel – I also created this page (download below). He circles the season; then we go look out the window to determine what the weather is today. We circle the correct picture that best matches the weather outside.

Finally, he circles how he feels today. It’s just a fun way to talk about emotions and the pictures are just fun to look at!

Geography – I printed off a picture of the United States since it’s where we live, and I am using it to begin to teach my toddler the names of the states. I got my map from here. Right now we’re working on learning Colorado, Tennessee, and Virginia. I also printed off the corresponding pages from this amazing State Notebook to begin teaching him the state flag, flower, bird, etc. It’s just a fun way to introduce geography to him and talk about where he lives. He loves memory work, and this has been exciting for him.

As of right now, this is all I include in our daily calendar notebook. It’s a little more than just the day, date, and month. However, there were other things I found I wanted to incorporate into our days and this is the best time to do it.

We don’t always complete the entire notebook every single day. Some days I skip singing; other days we don’t make it to the geography pages. That’s okay! Our focus is on keeping it fun.

Download Your Daily Calendar Printable Here

What about you? Do you use a calendar notebook in your homeschool preschool?

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  1. Great idea. I have been thinking about how to implement something similar and I think this is just what i need. My two year old is also becoming interested in the days of the week. I love how she’ll take a stab at it, “on Thursday I saw friends!” Or “today’s Tuesday.” Or, my favorite, “it’s Friday. I’m excited!”

  2. Love this! Claire is very interested in weather right now… And everything that that we did in the past happened “last week.” lol I think the printable will be very helpful. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. So cute! I love when they start trying to apply “last week” “yesterday” and even “this is breakfast” … especially cute when it’s used incorrectly. Adorable!

  3. Hi! I love your daily calendar notebook for toddlers. I am having trouble downloading it. It take me to another site. Thank you so much! Happy New Year and God Bless!!