Cry Out! Free Topical Bible Reading Plan

Are you looking for a Bible reading plan? Check out this FREE plan on Crying Out to God.

FREE Bible Reading Plan on Crying Out to God.

Everything rises and falls on the prayers of God’s people. Right now our nation needs our prayers. It needs our pleas for mercy. It needs our collective repentance.

As I write this topical Bible reading plan, our nation is approaching an election that has rocked many of us to our core. It’s left us shaking our heads and driving us to where we should have never left – to our knees.

This month’s Bible reading plan is all about crying out, about our desperation for God to do something in our nation. Until God’s people get on fire, bend their knees, and plead with Him, we can’t start a fire, see change, or experience revival in our country.

I pray this 21-day Bible reading plan will shed light on what happens when God’s people cry out to Him.

Cry Out Bible Reading Plan

FREE Bible Reading Plan on Crying Out to God.

We need a spiritual awakening in our country, in our world, so that Jesus is glorified. Ask God to make His word at home in you so that you can move forth in grace and without apology, crying out to the One who hears. The One who cares. The One who is calling us to repent and believe. The One who holds the King’s heart in His hands. National and personal revival begins when we repent of our sins and cry out to Him.

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Cry Out! Reading Plan Journal (Printable Download)

If you’re interested, we have created a companion JOURNAL to go with the reading plan!

Cry Out! Bible Reading Plan Journal

This beautiful printable journal is meant to guide you through the 21-day Bible reading plan.

It gives you question prompts and space to journal your own thoughts as you read and meditate on what God’s Word says about crying out to Him.


  • 21-days of Scripture passages on crying out to Him
  • Daily questions to guide your reading
  • Room to journal your responses to each question
  • A focused plan to guide you into a deeper understanding of prayer

The plan is FREE, but you can find the Companion Journal in the Intentional by Grace store.

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Cry Out! Bible Reading Plan Journal

Why 21 Days?

Our Bible Reading Plans are just 21 days long.

This way you don’t have to worry about “getting behind” if you’re working through one Bible reading plan a month. You can work at your own pace and go deeper into each area of text if you desire.

Plus, there are no dates or days marked on the plans. This means you can 
skip around and read the passages in any order you like, at any time of year you like.

We are praying this Bible reading plan and journal companion will help you have a special place to record your thoughts as you quiet your heart and mind to read God’s Word and experience His perfect peace.

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Cry Out! Bible Reading Plan Journal

We pray this Bible Reading Plan blesses you and encourages you to dive deeper into various areas of study for His glory.

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Free Printable Topical Bible Reading Plans

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