Christmas sensory bin for toddlers and preschoolers

Christmas Sensory Bin

Christmas sensory bin for toddlers and preschoolers

Sensory bins are a great way to engage your toddler in learning through play. My two almost three year old absolutely loves sensory bins. He will sit down and play with the items in his bin for up to an hour sometimes.

Since it’s the Christmas season, I thought I would share with you our Christmas Sensory Bin.

What’s Included in Our Christmas Sensory Bin

  • rice (for a less messy experience, you can easily leave this out!)
  • mini bows in various colors
  • squishy green and red balls
  • candy cane ornaments
  • red and clear jewels
  • jingle bells
  • white feathers
  • mini hand clappers
  • Christmas erasers
  • foam snowflakes
  • cookie cutters

christmas sensory bin idea


Most of my toddler’s time is spent exploring. I throw a white sheet down on the floor to keep the “mess” contained, and let him explore at will. It’s so fun to sit back and watch what he will do.

Sometimes I will get down on the floor and play alongside him.

Some additional activities we do together:

  • bury items in the rice to find (he loves “treasure hunting”)
  • sort items by color, shape, type, etc.
  • make patterns and see if he will replicate what I do
  • drop items in a bowl to see what kind of sound it makes

We have been thoroughly enjoying our Christmas sensory bin.

What about you? Do you make sensory bins?

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