You don't have to dread the holidays! We have meaningful, life-giving ideas for Christmas gift giving, to help your family focus on what matters most. |
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Give a Gift that’s Life-Giving & Meaningful + 2019 Christmas Gift Guide

You don’t have to worry about not being a “good gift giver” anymore! Our Christmas Gift Guide is filled with meaningful, life-giving ideas for Christmas gift giving to help you encourage the women in your life to become who they were made to be.

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Giving the perfect gift has never been a particular strength of mine.

In some ways it’s because I’m not really good at it, but in other ways it’s because I don’t slow down and take time to think about the person on the receiving end of the gift.

I don’t take time to do a study of that person and intentionally think about what will actually bless her.

Every year Christmas rolls around and I tell myself I will do better, but until the last couple of years I haven’t made much progress on “doing better.”

Maybe you can relate.

Christmas comes, it rushes by in a blaze, and then it’s gone, and I’m left wondering why I didn’t take more time to be a blessing to others.

Of course, Christmas isn’t just about the giving and receiving of gifts.

It’s about Jesus.

I know.

You know that, too.

But you also feel deep inside you that Christmas is a unique opportunity to lavish love on others as a symbol and reflection of what Christ has done for you.

It’s like this innate need to give life that propels you forward in seeking the perfect gift for a loved one.

As women we are made to give life.

We’re made with a unique bent toward nurture and strength, and I think Christmas is our time to really let those unique giftings shine – if we’ll just take time to right our perspective that is.

When my team and I started brainstorming our 2019 Christmas Gift Guide for Christian Women, we knew we wanted to encourage you to not just “get through” the holiday season, but really INVEST in this season of giving.

If you’re here at Intentional By Grace, then it’s because you’re ready to be a different kind of woman.

You’re ready to breathe life back into your home, your church, and your community.

You’re ready to come alongside other women (young, old, and in between), and you’re ready to help them reclaim the life they were created for.

Instead of rushing through your Christmas list, checking people off as fast as you can, we know that you’re ready for a different kind of Christmas gift-giving.

We know this about you.

Therefore, we have put together our 2019 Christmas Gift Guide with the intent of helping you choose meaningful, life-giving gifts for each woman on your Christmas list.

2019 Intentional By Grace Christmas Gift Guide

The 2019 Intentional By Grace Christmas Gift Guide was designed with you in mind.

We know it’s not easy coming up with gift ideas for everyone on your list, so we’ve done the work for you!

To download the free printable 2019 Christmas Gift Guide click here.

With the help of our gift guide, you will be able to choose life-giving, meaningful gifts for all the women on your list.

You’ll also receive a free printable Gift List that will help you make your list and check it twice this Christmas season.

Click here to download the 2019 Intentional By Grace Christmas Gift Guide.

Our mission here at Intentional By Grace is to help you become the woman of God you were created to be.

We want to help you get from where you are now to where you’re supposed to be…

Where you’re MADE to be.

We want to equip you with the best tools and resources to help not just you become who you’re made to be, but to help you help other women become who they were made to be.

And each product we create here at Intentional By Grace is designed to help you do just that.

If you need help choosing a gift for any of the ladies in your life, then click here to get the 2019 Christmas Gift Guide for Christian Women.

We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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  1. I really like this that you said about women and Christmas. You Gave me knew always to Think Christmas in different ways for myself and other women. But we all know it is about Jesus. Jesus is the reason for the season.