Can the Made to Give Life Planner for christian women work for me?
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Can the 2022 Made to Give Life Planner Work for You?

The 2022 Made to Give Life Planner is designed to help Christian women set goals and make plans that matter, but can it really work for you? That’s what I’m hoping to answer in this post!

The past couple of years have been hard. 

Our world is longing for the comfort of Christ – His love, His care, His strength, His freedom.

God designed the church to be a sign of His kingdom, and you are part of the church, part of the solution the world is longing for.

You might be wondering, “But how? How can I be part of the solution?”

You’re not alone.

I’ve been asking the same questions, and wondering how my little ol’ life in this little ol’ town can possibly be part of the greater solution in that big ol’ world.

But here’s what I keep coming back to.

No matter what’s going on around me, my mission is still the same: preach the gospel, make disciples, love my neighbor.

2022 Made to Give Life Planner - Goal Planner for Christian Women

As part of the church, you have gifts and talents that when used can influence the world around you to love and follow Christ.

And as each one of us does our part, right in our own sphere of influence, I believe we will see God’s kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

It’s so easy to get caught up in what’s going on “out there,” and miss what’s going on “right here.” 

And right here – wherever you are – is a mission field ready to be taken, and you’re part of the plan God has for taking it.

The Made to Give Life Planner is designed to guide you in a planning and goal setting process that will reveal your work and purpose in furthering the kingdom of God right where you are.

It doesn’t matter what’s happening around us, this planner for Christian women is going to guide you into the presence of the Lord. It is from His presence you will gain wisdom and insight into how you can impact your sphere of influence with the gospel.

With its carefully timed evaluations, and purposeful questions, you will be able to journal and consider the ways and works of God in your life. 

You will be guided through the seasons, and in each season you will discover you have purpose and you have the plans in place to accomplish it. I still have a family to raise. I still have a message to proclaim. 

He is the good news. 

Mainstream goal setting makes it all about you. The Made to Give Life Planner will take you a step further, and help you ask, “What about others?”

In essence, how can I be a part of the solution this year?

If your why for living intentionally isn’t rooted in the gospel, then your why isn’t big enough.

Because the gospel changes everything. 

Can the Made to Give Life Planner for christian women work for me?

So, will the Made to Give Life Planner work for you?

I don’t know. I guess it depends on whether or not you actually use it. 

My husband asked me the other day, “Why do people sign up for your emails?” 

Good question.

Why do Christian women read this blog? 

I’m betting one of our free resources drew you in, perhaps a Bible reading plan or our Intentional Living Checklists

Regardless of what drew you in, you’ve stuck around for some reason or other. 

My guess is, it has something to do with wanting to grow, and wanting to be more intentional in your life. 

You want more than cookie-cutter Christianity…

I’m right there with you, sister.

The truth is though that I can inspire you all day long, week-in and week-out – that’s my goal anyway. 

But at the end of the day, I can’t do it for you. 

You have to engage the process of being intentional and do it yourself. 

I can give you the tools, but you have to invest in change with focus, time, and discipline.

You have to be willing to ask yourself the hard questions, and then be honest in response. 

You might think there’s too many questions, too much involved with the Made to Give Life Planner

Maybe there is, but maybe there isn’t

The point of the Made to Give Life Planner is to help Christian women bring to light the things that are hidden, so they can deal with them. 

For it is only what is brought out into the light that can be changed, healed, and renewed. 

Friend, our world needs you.

Our world needs you to show up again this year. 

Our world needs you to be who you are by grace, not the you that you are naturally. 

I want to help you in this process. 

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