Book Recommendation: Together Growing Appetites for God by Carrie Ward

Monday, contributing writer Jen from This Gal’s Journey encouraged you with the words: this, too, shall pass. I found her post so encouraging, and I couldn’t help but think that this would be a perfect time to tell you about one of my new favorite books from an everyday mama like you and me.

Together Growing Appetites for God by Carrie Ward

If you’re a mama in need of extra encouragement (and who isn’t, right?), I want to commend a book to you entitled, Together Growing Appetites for God by Carrie Ward/Moody Publishers.

Yesterday, Jen shared about the interruptions mamas receive when they try to get up early, study God’s Word, or get a moment to herself. She even shared some great tips on how to incorporate scripture into your day with spiral bound index cards, and she offered plenty of grace by reminding us that God is not surprised by our lack of time! He understands parenting little kids. He knows they are demanding and distracting and frustrating. He knows they are a joy and a blessing and a reward. He gets it better than anyone else in this world what an amazing job He has laid on your shoulders!

I recently finished reading Together Growing Appetites for God, and I was so encouraged by Carrie’s humility in sharing her struggles to discipline herself in the Word of God and thus failing to teach His truth to her children. As a result of her struggles and continued prayers before the Lord, God answered and gave her wisdom to impart truth to her children – read the entire Bible to them around the breakfast table. No, not her older children. She began with her toddlers and newborns!

If you’re a mom struggling to do a quiet time, then maybe consider a different approach. Read together with your children. If you’re not convinced, then pick up a copy of Together Growing Appetites for God and listen to Carrie recount her experience. I guarantee you will be freshly inspired and encouraged. You can read an excerpt from her book here. She is funny, convincing, honest, and very real about her experience.

I’ve recently begun this journey with Samuel (17 months), reading one chapter a day starting in Genesis. He’s stuffing his face with oatmeal and saying, “Bible, Bible, Bible,” before we begin reading. As we dig in, I become so amazed at how quiet he is when I’m reading. He may not understand fully, and we may not even be able to talk about it or act out the scenes afterward, but he is listening. He is learning. By God’s grace, maybe one day Samuel will fully understand. In the meantime, I’m intentionally pursuing my son’s heart by reading to him from the Word of God. And the added bonus? I’m immersed in scripture as well.

Be sure to check out Carrie’s, An Everyday Mama, for more tips, information, and resources.

Do you struggle with having a quiet time? What do you think of reading the Bible with your children?

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