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Blogging with a Vision – Part 1

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I have been blogging for almost three years. When I began blogging, it was for the purpose of keeping a record of our lives as a family. Then, it became an opportunity to record what the Lord was teaching us and share it with others. Blogging became a way for me to gather my thoughts and express them in a cohesive way. Truly, blogging became a creative outlet, one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

When our readership began to grow, I became more aware that what I was writing mattered. I quickly realized that people who read our blog were either being built up or torn down. I wasn’t writing for the unknown world. There were people I loved and cared about reading my words. It put the fear of God in me. As a matter of fact, it still does. I’m very much aware that a blog can become a way to air thoughts that I wouldn’t normally address in person with someone. Thankfully, my husband does a wonderful job of helping me evaluate my heart. There are many posts that have to be scrapped and started back over, or just deleted and forgotten about altogether.

What does all of this have to do with Intentional By Grace?

Since late 2009, the Lord has been stirring something in my heart that at first, I pushed aside. I ignored God and said there is no way I’m ever going to do that. Eventually, I gathered enough courage to tell Mark about it. I was blown away by his response, and his faithfulness to continue pushing me has been instrumental in launching Intentional By Grace. I blog now because we believe this is what God has called me to do at this time. However, my vision for the blog has changed, and my purpose is a lot different than when this whole journey began.

What is my vision for Intentional By Grace?

I hope and pray that I can communicate this effectively. It is quite complicated. More than that, it is scary. For it is a dream of mine. It is a deep down secret that only my husband has known for so long. I’ve only recently begun to share my vision with a few intimate friends, and even with them I have not aired it all out. It is hard to put into words. Not to mention, putting it into words makes it real. It means it could fail. But then again, it could also thrive. Honestly, only God knows, and it has been His continual conviction to act that has brought me to this point. To not tell you my dream and vision for Intentional By Grace would be a complete defiance of God’s call on my life.

I hope that you will come back tomorrow. For tomorrow, I will try to flesh out my vision for Intentional By Grace for you. I would love to hear your thoughts! Would you, please, join me?


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