How to get your child into the Word of God. These are our Best resources and Bible Studies for kids. |

Bible Study Resources for Kids: Get Your Child Into the Word

Here’s a list of the best Bible study resources for kids. Help your preschooler, beginning reader, or kids ages 8-12 get into the Word of God!

As parents while we try to work hard to develop a habit of daily quiet time to study the Word for ourselves, we often want our kids to get into the habit as well.

Modeling is by far the best way to inspire our kids to have a love for the Word, but we’ve got a ton of great Bible resources for kids in this post for you. I’ve broken them into categories for kids ages 8-12, beginning readers, and the pre-readers. Take a look!

Here's a list of the best Bible study resources for kids. Help your preschooler, beginning reader, or kids ages 8-12 get into the Word of God!  |

Bibles and Bible Studies for Kids

Bible Resources for Kids Ages 8 to 12

Kids who are ages 8 to 12 are in such a sweet season. Most of them are reading, or starting to read, and are ready to dive into God’s Word on their own. We’ve used and found some great Bible resources for this age group that will awaken their thirst for the Living Word.

How to Study the Bible for Kids, by Kay Arthur

A great introduction to the basics of studying the Bible! How to Study Your Bible for Kids introduces the basics of inductive Bible study―observation, interpretation, and application―to children ages 9 to 12. As they learn about the people in the Bible, the way things were done in biblical times, the amazing miracles performed, and numerous terrific adventures found in the Bible, young people will discover that God’s Word speaks to them right where they are at.

Miracles of Jesus 30-Day Bible Reading Plan

A Free Bible Reading Plan for kids that guides them through a study of the miracles of Jesus! Perfect for them to use on their own, or to use as a family along side them. My 8 year-old really enjoyed this!

Free Christmas Bible Reading Plan for Kids

Leigh Ann created this Bible Reading Plan because her son loved the Miracles of Jesus plan so much, he wanted more. This Christmas Bible Reading Plan is perfect for your son or daughter during the Advent season. Psssst! It’s FREE!

Note: We’ve got a 7-Day Scripture Study on Living Intentionally just for you, mom or dad! Check it out here.

Developing a Quiet Time a biblical study for kids by Kim Sorgius. Best resources to get your child into the Word! |

Not Consumed Kids Devotional Tools

Kim Sorguis at Not Consumed as an AMAZING library of tools and resources to help your child into the Word. She has printed and digital versions of each tool, and even has scripture memory cards! (Note: See how Leigh Ann uses and organize her Scripture Memory Cards here!)

Bibles for Beginning Readers

Kids who are just starting to read don’t have to wait until they can to read the Bible! There are some great tools and resources for them for Bible study that they can get a jumpstart with– and not feel left out of the fun their big brother or sister or mom and dad are having getting into God’s Word!

The Rhyme Bible Storybook

Classic Bible stories from the Old and New Testament, retold in rhyme so that children are enthusiastic to read along, excited to read aloud, and, most importantly, eager to remember their favorite Scripture verses.

Picture Bibles

These are a couple of our favorite picture Bibles, but these are great to read along with the kids while they look at the pictures, or even for them to look at and “read” on their own. They’ll remember the stories you’ve told them as they page through and take in the colorful images.


Picture Smart Bible- Draw the Bible

The Picture Smart Draw the Bible series is perfect for your visual Kindergartner through 3rd grader! For the child that loves to draw or color, this will help the Word come alive to them as they dive into each book of the Bible and learn key characters and key concepts. Included are the coloring sheets and even a parent’s guide for active crafts and stories.

NLrV Bible Version for Early Readers

This Bible is fun and filled with colorful pictures. The NLrV version stays close to other translations of the Bible, but keeps the language simple and easy to read for new readers.

Seeds Family Worship

These songs are so fun for kids and families! The lyrics are all taken directly from scripture. Kids can hear the Bible (and memorize it!) through singing. Great for the car or even just playing at home during meals or play time!

Bible Resources for Pre-Readers or Preschoolers

We can’t forget the little guys! Our preschoolers, toddlers, and even babies can still have the opportunity to be refreshed by the living and active Word of God. Scroll below to see our top picks of Bible resources for the pre-readers.


You Version Audio Bible

This is one of the most amazing Bible Study resources of our time! We have the entire Bible available to us to listen to on audio literally at our finger tips. Perfect to play on-the-go in the vehicle for your little ones, and even yourself! You can even play your own favorite passages for your little ones during meals times or quiet times.

Our family has been listening to Psalm 16 together on YouVersion during Morning Time. I encourage you to take advantage of this resources if you haven’t yet.

The Action Bible and The Jesus Storybook Bible on Audio

Both of these popular kids Bible’s, The Action Bible and The Jesus Storybook Bible, come with an audiobook version. This is perfect for your young child to follow along on their own. Have them look at the pictures while they listen to the audio, and they are getting into the word all by themselves! Use during your child’s own quiet times or in the car.

Sing the Bible with Slugs and Bugs

These albums are SO fun! Randall Goodgame has made a few volumes of Sing the Bible, fun and funny songs directly taken from scripture. The kids will be memorizing Bible verses while the parents will enjoy listening just as much!

What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver

If you haven’t seen the video series that Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggie Tales, created, you’ll have to check it out! What’s in the Bible teaches kids about God’s rescue plan. The whole series goes through each book of the Bible, giving the kids a timeline and cultural context to be able to understand the Word as they grow older.

Hidden in My Heart, Seeds Family Worship

Again, listening to the Word is just as good as reading it. Seeds Family Worship has an amazing series with song directly taken from Bible verses. Hidden in My Heart is a lullaby album, perfect for babies and toddlers (or mom and dad!) to listen to God’s Word.

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What are the best Bible study books for kids? Help your preschooler, kindergartner, or kids ages 8-12 read the Bible! |

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