Bible Reading Plan for When the Cares of This World are Many

Are you overwhelmed with the cares and burdens of this world? Then check out this FREE topical Bible reading plan.

FREE Bible Reading Plan for When the Cares of This World are Many

In order to stay consistent with reading my Bible, I need to have a plan. A plan keeps me accountable, gives me something to look forward to, and just helps me stay focused overall.

Reading our Bibles and knowing what our Bible says is important. I talk a lot about the need for Bible literacy in my free eCourse, 4 Lies We Believe that Keep Us from Changing. You can check that eCourse out here.

Are you carrying the cares of this world on your shoulders right now?

FREE Bible Reading Plan for When the Cares of This World are Many


Lately, I’ve found that my prayers are more and more pleading in nature. I’m tired and weary. Circumstances and difficulties consume my thoughts, and I’m finding it harder and harder to cast my cares upon the One who holds the universe in His hands.


You too?

Let’s confess our sins together and ask the Lord to help us:

For When the Cares of This World are Many Bible Reading Plan

I have found that reading pointed scriptures addressing my temptations head on always helps turn my eyes back to Jesus. Therefore, I thought a topical bible reading plan for when the cares of this world are many would be a helpful.

To get the Bible reading plan in printable format, you’ll just need to tell me where to send it.


May we be women who seek Him in truth, casting all our cares upon Him because He truly does care for us.


For When the Cares of This World Are Many Bible Reading Journal

If you’re interested, we have created a companion JOURNAL to go with the reading plan!

Cares of this World Bible Reading Plan Journal

This beautiful printable journal is meant to guide you through the 21-day Bible reading plan.

It  gives you question prompts and space to journal your own thoughts as you read and meditate on what God’s Word says about our troubles.


  • 21-days of Scripture passages on troubles
  • Daily questions to guide your reading
  • Room to journal your responses to each question
  • A focused plan to guide you into a deeper understanding of our troubles and how we can cast our burdens on Him

The plan is FREE, but you can find the Companion Journal in the Intentional by Grace store.

Click HERE to checkout the For When the Cares of This World Are Many Companion Journal.

Free Printable Bible Reading Plans for Subscribers!

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  1. This is good. I like how after you read each passage that you ask yourself different questions to ensure that you are comprehending the material. Great information, thanks for sharing!

  2. Do you have a plan for when you are distracted and need to regain focus? Or is this one pretty much the same thing?

    1. When I’m distracted and need to regain focus in my Bible reading, I usually turn back to Psalms. I really like the book, Praying the Bible, by Donald Whitney. I follow his method of not just praying the scriptures but use it for simple reading. For example, today is October 23rd. So, I will read Psalm 23, then add 30 until I’ve reached the end of Psalms. This way I can read through all the Psalms in a month’s time. So, Psalm 23, 53, 83, 113, and 143 would be my reading for today. I’ve found this simple method a great way to just get back in the Word when I’m struggling to concentrate or do anything in depth. Hope that helps!

  3. thank you so much for being a servant to our Lord, that you share your resolutions ,in getting threw these stuff times with the help of the gospel and a daily plan. thanks ,so much…Eddy