the snowy day activities for the before five in a row curriculum
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Before Five in a Row: The Snowy Day

the snowy day activities for the before five in a row curriculum

Where you live, you might planning your garden and enjoying a few tulips and buttercups. Where I live? We have some snow days left. Therefore, we recently rowed the wonderful book, The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats from the Before Five in a Row Curriculum.

letter s sensory bin

We focused on the letter S this week, and we thoroughly enjoyed playing in our Letter S Sensory Bin throughout the week. Samuel especially loved seeing Spiderman and Superman in our bin.

letter s snowflake craft

This simple, letter S craft was a hit. After a time of reading our book, we used snowflake stickers to make the letter S.

letter s activity for the snow day

One day Samuel really wanted to do some dot painting, so I pulled out this worksheet. He put a dot on each letter S, and then I would call out the remaining letters so he could add dots them as well. It’s a fun way to talk about letters.

letter s activity with the superhero spiderman

We are big into superheroes around here. So I printed off a letter S and let him fill it with stickers of Spiderman. We practiced saying, “S-s-s-SPIDER-maaaaaannnnnn”!

letter s activity for the snow day book

We continued with dot painting to talk about the letter S in snowflake. I even helped him trace the word snowflake. He loves this sort of work, so I usually oblige.

the snowy day craft

I’m trying to incorporate lots of free drawing into our days. Coloring and drawing pictures is such a great learning experience for little ones. After reading The Snowy Day, I let him choose a drawing from the book he wanted to try drawing himself. He chose the snowy hill scene. He insisted that I draw Peter for him. We added a foam sunshine to indicate “a sunny day.”

activity center handwriting activity

We continue to use our Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center regularly. He loves tracing!

coloring snowflakes

His coloring has come so far! We colored snowflakes every single day. He’s determined and detail oriented, so his hand wears out before he can complete more than a few coloring sheets at a time. This little coloring book was a big hit. He was so proud of himself for staying in the lines.

the snowy day paper craft

This was a simple craft. This was another fine motor practice. He didn’t care for shredding the paper. But I convinced him to help me do “just a few more.” He cut the branches from the brown construction paper. Then we glued everything on. Peter was his idea and again, my artistic skills really shines through, don’t you think?

Even though we did some table work, much of our time during the week was spent playing in the snow and doing science experiments.

fizzy snow painting is great sensory fun for toddlers

toddler sensory play

toddler science experiment sensory play

This was a lot of fun and great fine motor strength building! You can learn how to create your fizzy snow dough sensory experience at Life Lesson Plans.

The empty ketchup bottle was a challenge for him. His little hand muscles got a good workout!

toddler science experiment

In the story, Peter puts a snowball in his pocket to take home. He’s sad when it disappears. This was a great opportunity to talk about why and how snow melts. We even talked a lot about what we were going to do when the snow finally leaves our little land. Plant vegetables, plant trees, ride our bikes … But I digress…

I set Samuel up with some ice cubes, water (cold, warm, and hot), and some salt. We observed what happened to the ice when we poured each on top. This was totally fascinating to him!

The Snowy Day became a much loved book in our home. Samuel even requested for Daddy to read it most nights at bedtime. I’m glad we fit it in before all the snow melts from our neck of the woods!

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  1. So cute! The Snowy Day was the first book we rowed and my little and I both enjoyed it so much! She still talks about what she learned with this unit and practices doing things “just like peter!” Haha. This book is a delight and full of wonderful opportunities. Looks like you two had as much fun with it as we did!

  2. I recently discovered your blog via your recent post on Keeper of the Home and I’m really glad I did! Thanks to this post I ordered Before Five in a Row and I’m looking forward to starting it with my son. (He just turned 2.5.)