The Carrot Seed | Before Five in a Row Activities for Toddlers

Before Five in a Row: The Carrot Seed

The Carrot Seed | Before Five in a Row Activities for Toddlers

With the onset of Spring, I decided to row The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss with my three year old. We focused on the Letter G and went with an overall garden theme throughout the week to accompany the book. It was fun teaching him how a seed grows!

The Carrot Seed Activities and Ideas for Before Five in a Row!

With each reading, we talked about patience and perseverance.

letter g practice sensory

To work on the letter G, we used a carrot and some salt for a fun sensory experience.

letter g practice

By far, his favorite activity continues to be using his Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center. He loves to trace his letters. I’m pretty sure we practiced the Letter G every single day at his request.

letter g tracing

It’s amazing how quickly children go from crawling to writing, isn’t it?

tracing letter g

We also worked on some gardening pre-writing worksheets.

shape tracing

Tracing shapes was a new activity this week, but also a highly loved task!

homeschool with daddy

Now that Daddy quit his job, we are alternating our work schedules right now. It’s been fun to see Daddy do some homeschool preschool. And Sam? He’s in heaven!same and different worksheet

On another day, we worked on circling what is different in each row. This is still pretty difficult for him. He doesn’t quite get the concept of rows and identifying differences in this way. I’m going to try to do more same/different activities through hands on play in the coming weeks.

cutting practice

I always love to watch him practice his scissor skills. The look of concentration makes me giggle.

filling a vegetable basket

We worked on naming our vegetables by cutting and pasting them into our basket. I tried to get him to paste them above the basket. But …

vegetable basket

He insisted on them being put “IN THE BASKET, Mommy!” I guess this is technically correct, but it made reviewing what we had already put into the basket a little more difficult. ๐Ÿ˜‰

simple carrot painting activity for toddlers

He requested we paint one day (actually for several days and I finally had a chance to do it!), so we traced his hand and arm onto a piece of paper. Then we painted it to look like a carrot. He loved this!

free painting for the carrot seed

He still wanted to paint, so I set him up with his easel to do some free painting.

free painting

He’s getting so boyish and much less toddler. *sigh*

Finally, we didn’t get any pictures, but we also pulled out several seeds to observe together. We used our magnifying glass to talk about all the different seeds we eat, as well as observe seeds inside various fruits.

The magnifying glass was a huge hit! He loved observing and continued to observe other objects from around the house the rest of the day!

The Carrot Seed is such a simple story, but filled with a lot of learning opportunities. Now that the flowers outside are beginning to sprout and bloom, it’s a continual reinforcement of what we learned throughout the week of rowing this sweet book!

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  1. Leigh Ann, You amazed me with your teaching skills! You are a wonderful teacher and Sam amazes me with his learning ability! Keep up the good work! It will pay off. Thanks to you and Mark for being good parents! Love Ya!