Before Five in a Row: Katy No Pocket

We recently rowed Katy No Pocket by Emmy Payne. Another wonderful story that is perfect for my toddler. We kept the activities simple while company was in town. Plus we had gorgeous weather and since we live where there is snow almost 2/3 of the year, we spent more time outside than inside. Nevertheless, below is what we chose to do!


As always, Samuel was genuinely excited to start a new book. He loved the pictures in this story, and we spent a lot of time just talking about what we saw on each page.

Katy No-Pocket Activity

There are also several, and I mean several, different types of animals in this book. So we used our animal classification cards to match each animal to the story book. This made for a lot of neat conversations. Sam is an animal lover so he loved just looking at all the different pictures of the animals both in the story and on our cards.

Katy No-Pocket Activity

Since Grammy was in town, our friendly sewing lady, I put her to work on making Samuel an apron like the man from the story. We loaded his freshly sewn apron with animals like Katy in the picture. However, he preferred to load his apron with tools like the man in the book. He loves putting his apron on with his work tools. He goes around the house “fixing things like Daddy” just about every day.

A simple week, but a fun one. We loved Katy No-Pocket!

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  1. I want to make an apron like the man in the book. How did your mother make yours? Is there a pattern to follow?