great goodnight moon activities

Before Five in a Row: Goodnight Moon

great goodnight moon activities

Samuel is currently 33.5 months old.

We had so much fun rowing the classic book, Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. We also focused on the letter M this week.

goodnight moon sensory bin

What a hit this little sensory bin was all week long! Sam requested this little tub of goodies several times a day.

letter m sensory bin

We continued with our letter M sensory bins. This week was a big hit because of the mailbox. He loved putting everything in his mailbox.

table time

We did several Goodnight Moon themed crafts!

goodnight moon craft and other great ideas!

We did a simple paper craft one afternoon. Sam continues to love cutting and pasting. So we made a window looking out at the moon and stars.

letter m craft

This was his first real experience with glitter. I confess – I was nervous! But he did really well, and we had so much fun. We ended up cutting the moon and stars out and pasting them on black construction paper.

letter m craft with marshmallows

We pasted marshmallows (pretending they were moon rocks) onto a letter M.

letter m craft mouse

This might have been his favorite craft. I told him we were going to make a mouse, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t believe me. When he saw the project completed, he was so excited – all grins! He was very excited to show Daddy his mouse that night.

goodnight moon lapbook

hey diddle diddle lapbook

We read the poem, Hey Diddle Diddle several times and made a little go along book. We also memorized the poem, I See the Moon. He loves this little verse and says it often.

alphabet stamps

We used our alphabet stamp collection to do an ABC Stamp Worksheet from 3 Dinosaurs.

letter m do a dot

He requested do a dot paint. We also did the letter M do-a-dot worksheet from 1+1+1=1.

finger paint 2

finger paint

Our REALLY fun activity was finger painting! We mixed blue and yellow to make green (great green room … get it?). Sam thought this was so neat. this was his first finger painting experience. He’s never been interested in getting his hand dirty before!

learning toys


Stacking bowls were a big hit this week. He is really into lining objects up and then counting them.

a moment captured

We made moon and star shape cookies as a family one night. It was so fun and precious memories for our family.



Goodnight Moon was a huge hit! I continue to be so thrilled with the Before Five in a Row Curriculum.

You can see all the books we have rowed here.

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  1. We have fallen off the bandwagon with BFIAR and Tot Time. I just can’t seem to find time to plan. I need to get back on it. Our days go so much better when I have stuff prepared.