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Before Five in a Row: Caps for Sale

We recently rowed Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina from the Before Five in a Row Curriculum. In addition to Caps for Sale, we focused on the letter L and several fall leaf crafts and activities. Grammy was in town so it was easy to add a few extra learning activities in this week!

Day 1 with Caps for Sale

Caps for Sale Activities {B4FIAR}

I absolutely love the genuine excitement Samuel shows when I tell him our new book of the week. He loves this story, and he was excited to know that he had his very own copy of Caps for Sale. We bought it to add to our collection of classic children’s literature.

After reading the story, we colored a picture of a monkey. We also pasted caps on top of a monkey’s head from Homeschool Creations, Caps for Sale Theme Pack. I helped my toddler to look at the picture and then put the caps in the order he saw on the man’s head from the story.

Day 2 with Caps for Sale

After we read the story, we did some pre-writing practice with worksheets from Homeschool Creations, Caps for Sale Theme Pack . Then we watched videos of real live monkeys!

Day 3 with Caps for Sale

caps for sale activity

caps for sale activity

We matched letters on monkeys to clothespins with letters (alphabet monkeys found at Making Learning Fun). Then we worked on hanging them on a clothesline. This is a great activity to not only work on letter recognition but fine motor skills. Samuel doesn’t quite get the clothespin concept yet. But he tried really hard!

Day 4 with Caps for Sale

Caps for Sale

After Grammy read the story with Samuel, they made handle bar mustaches together. He totally loved it!

caps for sale activity

Then we stacked several of Daddy’s hats on his head to pretend like they were caps for sale.


He found Big Papa and sold him a cap for fifty cents. Then we put the money in our piggy bank to save for later!

Day 5 with Caps for Sale

We simply read the story and continued playing with our handle bar mustache costume. We did spend a little time talking about money and the different names for each coin. But I didn’t get any pictures.

Caps for Sale is a great children’s book, and the ideas for go along activities are endless. I look forward to rowing this book with him again in the future!

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