recipe for bean and veggie pot pie #recipe #easymeal #frugal

Bean and Veggie Pot Pie Recipe {Delicious & Frugal!}

Now that my husband quit his job and we’re no longer drawing a regular paycheck, our spending habits have changed.

The budget is much more strict because naturally, we have less wiggle room.

When it comes to meals, my family can put the food away.

I try not to think about what it’s going to be like trying to feed these men when they are all just that – men!

Right now my boys are three and eight months old, but they can easily eat us out of house and home already, if we let them.

However, don’t let me fool you! I can eat too! I’m a meat and potatoes kind of girl. Meatless meals are not my thing,  never have been.

Yet sometimes we’re forced into situations where we have to get really creative with our money, which means meatless meals become a necessity.

recipe for bean and veggie pot pie #recipe #easymeal #frugal
So when I say that this meatless meal is filling and delicious, you can believe me.

This Bean and Veggie Pot Pie is so yummy that I could eat it every single week.

And that, too, is saying something because I rarely make the same thing twice.

If you’re looking for a frugal meal, then you’ll love this recipe! It’s a comfort food, no doubt. Plus it’s a really easy meal to make!

recipe for bean and veggie pot pie #easymeal #frugal


recipe for bean and veggie pot pie #easymeal #frugal #recipe
This meal fed us each twice and my eight month old three times! I’d say that’s a good, frugal meal, wouldn’t you?

What’s your favorite frugal meal to make?

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  1. I made this for dinner last night. It’s delicious! We didn’t have cauliflower or celery (which my husband doesn’t like), so I substituted sweet potato, parsnip and peas, and it worked like a dream.
    Thanks for sharing this, it’s so cheap and easy to make and really yummy!