Easy Math Activity for Toddlers with Free Printable!

An Easy Math Activity for Toddlers

I love easy activities. Don’t you? I wanted to work on counting, color recognition, and circles with my toddler so I came up with this easy math activity for toddlers.


Easy Math Activity for Toddlers with Free Printable!



Download Your Counting Chips Printable Here!

First you need the free printable I have provided above. Then you just need your imagination.

Our favorite way to use this printable is to pull out our matching counting chips I found on clearance at Staples. Give your child the correct number of chips in the corresponding colors and let them start matching.

Samuel worked on this for half an hour the first time I gave it to him. Tell your child the colors, or ask your child to tell you what color each circle is. Practice counting to five and reinforce the circle shape.

You can also use pom poms, counting bears, counting cubes, colored paper clips, whatever you have on hand to do color matching.

In addition, if you laminate your math activity sheet, then you can use dry erase markers and call out the colors for your toddler to “color.”

It’s up to you and your child how you use this easy math activity for toddlers!

What easy math activities do you do with your toddler?

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