a simple cupcake craft for preschoolers

A Simple Cupcake Craft {Birthday Themed Preschool Craft}

a simple cupcake craft for preschoolers
We’ve been taking it pretty easy with intentional toddler time lately. Between the holidays, recovering from the holidays, sickness, and family being in town, we’ve been doing a lot of learning through daily life.

However, just because we’re busy doing life doesn’t mean we let our toddler’s birthday week pass without doing a fun craft!

A Simple Cupcake Craft

This is so easy and fun!

What you need:

  • Yellow, brown, and white construction paper
  • Do-a-dot paint
  • Glue
  • Scissors

What you do:

This craft is all about free hand and not about perfection.

Draw a cupcake base on brown construction paper. Then, let your child cut it out. Glue your brown base onto your yellow construction paper.

Now draw your cupcake frosting on white construction paper. Imagine making a cloud. You know you drew those a ton in grade school – over your house and hills and family with a dog and cat and white picket fence. Just me? Okay. Cut your half cloud out and paste on top of your brown cupcake base.

Then let your child decorate the cupcake with “sprinkles” using do-a-dot paint. (You could also use regular paint with a small circle sponge brush. OR if you’re not into painting, let your child cut out “big confetti” from more construction paper to glue on the icing!)

My son thought his cupcake base needed sprinkles too.

Now cut out candles from your leftover construction paper and glue on top. Use more paint to make “flames” for your candles.

Teaching Moments

While we created our cupcake, we talked about the letter C. We worked on the phonemic sound and tried to come up with other words that started with the letter C.

Since my son was turning three, we talked about the number 3. We worked on holding up three fingers, counting the dots 1-2-3, 1-2-3, etc. We put three candles on our cupcake and made three flames.

Such a simple cupcake craft to go along with our birthday theme week!

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  1. This craft is adorable, and it looks easy to do from home! You give really thorough instructions here, which is so nice because it helps readers conduct this same activity correctly in their own homes! Awesome idea! Thank you so much for sharing!