8 Fun Water Activities to Do with Your Toddler This Summer

Welcome to our 15 Day Summer Toddler Activities Series! This is Day 6 where we’ve got you covered with fun water activities to do with your toddler this summer.

I don’t know what toddler does not love to play in, around, or with water. It is the source of much fun in our house.

We plan on involving a lot of summer toddler water play this summer!

Fun Water Activities to Do with Your Toddler This Summer

1. Water Table

If you have a water table, it’s a great time to pull it out.

We don’t have one, so I just use big plastic tubs, bowls, and buckets to provide water for my toddler to play in.

Just add a squirt or two of dish soap to the water and you have hours of fun ahead.

Don’t forget measuring cups, spoons, and sponges to add to the fun!

2. Color Cubes and Water Bowls from Play, Create, Explore

There are so many things you can do with color cubes! But this is a simple project for when you just need to sit in the shad for a bit.

3. Fish Sensory Bin from Playing House in Maryland

This is a great outside idea for sensory play!

Your toddler will adore this activity and get lost in the imaginative play of the fish and the water and pretend ocean.

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4. Foam Sheets and Water from Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

Simple activity with a bucket of water and foam sheets!

We have stars, hands, and rectangles on hand.

We also have foam letters we could use to stick on the window while learning letters.

5. Paint with Water

It’s a classic – for a reason.

Just a bucket of water and a paintbrush.

Let your toddler paint away outside!

Don’t forget rags and spray bottles to add to the fun.

6. Water Balloon Cutting from Play, Create, Explore

This sounded weird to me when I saw the title of the post. But what a great idea for problem solving.

7. Water the Garden

Seems simple and boring, right? Well why not hand the hose to your toddler and let them water the garden for you. They will love it and you won’t have to do it!

8. Water Balloon Shape Hunt from Mess for Less

Learning shapes while working on gross motor skills. I’m all in! For my toddler, I will probably just leave the shapes in the bucket and let him take it to the pails to smash.

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What do you plan to do this summer that involves water?

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