8 Sensory and Science Activities to Do With Your Toddler This Summer

Looking for intentional summer toddler activities to do with your child? Day 5 of our series involves messy sensory and science activities for the summer!

Messy Science and Sensory Activities to do with your toddler this summer

Messy play and science are probably two of my weak points as a mama.

Therefore, during the summer I try to throw caution to the wind and let my toddler get messy.

The mess stays outside and he gets to explore his senses through lots of sensory play!

8 Messy Sensory & Science Activities

1. Baking Soda & Vinegar Water Balloon Toss

I combined the ideas from Train Up a Child in this post to create something toddler friendly and not quite so big as a kiddie pool. So we’ll get a tub of vinegar and baking soda to throw water balloons into. I might add some food coloring for visual texture.

2. Food Coloring Water and Flowers from Like Mama, Like Daughter

This isn’t quite a messy science activity, but it’s a great way to show how “plants drink water” too.

messy activities to do outside with your kids this summer

3. Melting Rainbows from Powerful Mothering

Anything with ice is great for the summer!
Grab a big block of ice, some salt, and some food coloring, and get to melting. Watch your little one has they react to what the salt does to the ice.

4. Fizz, Bubble, and Pop! from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

This is more vinegar and baking soda fun! I would probably take this outside so we can have lots of fun without the worries.

5. Pouring Soapy Water into Cups and Buckets

Don’t forget the spray bottles, sponges, and whatever other items you come up with!

6. Finger paint on canvas outside

You could get a large canvas and let him go at it outside. You could even find an unused white sheet and allow body painting. My tot won’t enjoy that, but think big if your kid likes to get messy.

I even found someone who did finger painting with bubble wrap. Genius! And great for added sensory!

Looking for intentional summer toddler activities to do with your child? Day 5 of our series involves messy science and sensory activities for the summer!

7. Tractor painting

Get a large sheet of paper, paint and some tractors or cars. Make paint tracks all over the paper.

8. Mud Kitchen

My son’s aunt gave him a cool hamburger, hotdog, etc. set to play in the mud with. You could bring back all your childhood memories and teach your toddler to make mudpies and chocolate brownies. 😉 I will have to put my brave pants on for this one…

What activities that let your toddler get messy have you been brave enough to try?

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