7 Games to Play with a Four Year Old

We love playing games at our house. Card games, board games, outdoor games, any kind of game will do when we’re together.

Since having children, it’s been fun to discover games that we can play together that are developmentally appropriate at each stage. I’ve shared before our favorite games to play with a two year old and then later our favorite games to play with a three year old.  Be sure to check those posts out because they list games we still play with our four year old.

Today, I want to share some of our favorite games to play with our four year old. Games are a great way to teach early learning skills while having lots of fun together.

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7 Games to Play with a Four Year Old

Sequence for Kids – This is great for vocabulary development as well as increasing the reasoning skills. A simple game that my son seems to always beat me at. And no, I don’t let him win.

Super Why ABC Letter Game – Whether you have a Super Why fan in your house or not, this is a great game for early literacy.

Uno Card Game – We modify this game by laying the cards out in front of us. It’s still a lot of fun, but it gives the others playing the opportunity to help when needed. Plus our four year old is learning to play the game by watching us. This is great for learning numbers and colors!

Disney-Kids Edition Rummikub – Another reasoning game that works the critical thinking skills. This one is new to us, but we’re really enjoying it.

Sorry – The recommended age for this game is not four year olds, but we’ve found that a simple modification makes this game loads of fun. We use two pawns instead of four and we don’t want for a one or two to be drawn to come out. The rest of the rules stay the same though!

Chutes and Ladders – We’re giving this to the boys for Christmas this year as part of our Advent activities. The recommended age is 3+ so it should be fun!

Yahtzee Jr. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – This game is on my wish list. I remember playing this one when I was little, and I cannot wait to get it for Sam. I know it’s a game he will love, and it’s just as fun for the adults.

What about you? What are you favorite games to play with a four year old? We are always looking for new ideas!

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