5 Winter Goodies to Stock Up On
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5 Winter Goodies to Stock Up On

5 Winter Goodies to Stock Up On | IntentionalByGrace.com
By contributing writer, Victoria

“Oh the weather outside is frightful…”

As I hum that verse from one of my favorite Christmas songs that has been playing on repeat on the radio, the snow is falling and it has been quite chilly freezing to be more accurate! Winter has definitely come and I can no longer be in denial about it.

Cold, snowy weather is here.

Perhaps it’s my personality but I’m kind of excited about being snowed in this winter. I’m a homebody by nature so being at home is something I love. Plus the thought of pulling out all our coats, hats and mittens, loading up my preschooler, toddler and soon-to-be newborn in the van to venture out, just seems daunting.

So we will be spending some time camping out in our home this winter but with a little planning and stocking up on supplies, we won’t be bored.

Here are 5 winter goodies that I like to stock up on to make the most of our cold winter days indoors.

1. Baking Supplies

What is more comforting than some warm, freshly baked cookies straight from the oven? Plus it’s such a fun learning activity to get your kids in the kitchen to help you.

5 Winter Goodies to Stock Up On | IntentionalByGrace.com

Little ones can help measure the dry ingredients and stir the batter. Getting the kids in the kitchen teaches so many natural, life lessons plus it’s fun… if you don’t mind a slight mess. Who doesn’t love to camp out  in front of the oven door and wait in anxious anticipation of the warm treats soon to be ready?

I always make sure that I have the baking supplies to make our favorite oatmeal chocolate chip bites on hand. They are easy to make, delicious and our favorite family cookie recipe. Choose one or two favorite recipes to make sure sure you have the ingredients on hand so that way when the baking urge hits, you are all ready to go

2. Soup Supplies

Nothing beats homemade soups on cold days, plus they are also perfect when you are in a busy season. You can either throw all the ingredients in a crock pot to slow cook all day, or let the soup simmer on the stove for hours to let the flavors fully marinate.

Homemade chicken stock, vegetables, noodles, rice and beans are all pantry and freezer staples I keep stocked up on during the winter for hearty soups. Soups are so versatile too, you can have the ingredients to make your favorite soup or experiment with the ingredients to make a new favorite soup.

Don’t forget the sides too! Whether that be the supplies to make biscuits or to keep whole grain crackers in the pantry, soup always seems a bit more comforting when you some bread to dip in it.

3. Favorite Snack

Nothing is worse than realizing you are out of yours or your kids favorite snack in the middle of a snow storm. How will you all survive? 😉

My family’s favorite snacks are applesauce for a sweet treat and popcorn for a salty treat. During the fall, I try to make and freeze some applesauce but I’m also a fan of some plain, unsweetened applesauce pouches for a convenient snack.

5 Winter Goodies to Stock Up On | IntentionalByGrace.com

I also like to buy organic popcorn kernels in bulk to have to pop on the stove top in a little bit of coconut oil. Sprinkled with a pinch of salt and you have a tasty treat with no need for butter… trust me!

You can also mix the popped popcorn with a little bit of cinnamon and sugar for a festive treat, this is one of our favorite hospitality gifts to make and pass out as Christmas gifts.

4. Books, Games and Craft Supplies

For my children’s Christmas gifts this year, I purposely asked for books, play-doh, crayons and games. These are fun gifts but also help to replenish our dwindling supply. Cold, frigid weather means our time outdoors will be severely limited so it’s always good to make sure you have arts and craft supplies or games on hand to keep your little ones busy and engaged.

Play-doh is a favorite activity among my kids and my son can literally sit for hours playing and molding the clay. It’s also fun to make your own play-doh as well with a few simple ingredients, similar to baking it’s a fun way to get your kids in the kitchen for a hands-on activity. Recently we made DIY slime and my kids loved it. It was another fun activity to get my kids in the kitchen with me for an engaging activity, plus similar to play-doh, it entertained my son for hours.

5 Winter Goodies to Stock Up On | IntentionalByGrace.com

Games are also so fun to have in stock. They teach so many valuable lessons to kids, even to young toddlers. Along with teaching kids to take turns, they also learn lessons on honesty, fairness, winning and losing, and depending on the type of game, fine motor skills too. Memory is a current favorite in our home, and while not necessarily a game, my son had recently gotten into putting together large floor puzzles too.

And don’t forget about books for the grown ups too! In my opinion nothing beats sitting besides the warm fire with a great book to read, add in a little snow outside and you have what I call the perfect evening!

5. Your Favorite Warm Beverage

Last but not least, make sure you have your favorite warm beverage of choice fully stocked up, whether that be herbal tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Plus don’t forget about the goodies that go in those drinks to make them fun and festive to sip as the snow is falling outside.

Cinnamon sticks are perfect for stirring and adding a warm touch of flavor. Marshmallows are fun in hot chocolate, whether you make them yourself or purchase them from the store. I also love to keep heavy cream in the refrigerator to whip up some fresh homemade whipping cream. I may also be known for keeping some dark chocolate squares in the pantry for melting in my hot chocolate to make it even more rich and comforting!

Just because the winter has come and you may be stuck inside more than you care to be, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of it. With a little planning and the stocking up of some supplies, you and your family can really enjoy some of those long, cold days indoors.

What are some of your favorite things to stock up on and activities to enjoy when the weather keeps you indoors this winter?

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  1. I would definitely say baking and soup supplies. I like to do a craft project when I get bored, ya know on those winter days when it snows and you don’t want to sleep, go outside, or watch tv. Haha.