5 Tips for Planning Your Homeschool Preschool Week

Want to get organized in your homeschool preschool? This flip-thru of my homeschool planning notebook might help!

Choosing to homeschool is a big commitment.

While lying in bed last night I was hit with the magnitude and weight of what we are endeavoring to do with our children.

It’s a huge task, one that quite honestly overwhelms me.

But as I talked through it with my husband, I was reminded that God’s grace is right on time every time. God’s grace is sufficient for what He has called us to do. As a result, we take each day one at a time.

Taking each day one at a time means that I’m squarely sitting in the middle of early preschool, which isn’t nearly as scary as wondering how in the world I will teach World History, I’m sure.

As a homeschool mom (regardless of grade level), we are each in the throws of intentional training of our children.

We each have to plan and organize in order to be sure the lessons are taught, the materials bought, and the curriculum is in good order.

Planning your homeschool week is crucial to intentionally training your children for the glory of God.

Each homeschool room will look differently, but below are some tips for planning your homeschool week.

Want to get organized in your homeschool preschool? This flip-thru of my homeschool planning notebook might help! -IntentionalByGrace.com

5 Tips for Planning Your Homeschool Preschool Week

1. Pray for God to pour out His grace.

One of the reasons we choose to homeschool is so we can incorporate God’s truth into our lessons, especially during the early years.

We want to lay a solid foundation based on the Cross of Christ.

Therefore, each week I pray for God to pour out grace!

I need His grace to not only teach, but I need His grace for my child to hear and to understand.

2. Prepare all paperwork.

Next, I take time to print out all of our materials for the week.

I then place them in our toddler notebook, post on our calendar board, laminate materials, etc. Since this is my first round of toddler school, I have to prepare everything for the first time (including doing the research).

For our Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum we have a few printables each week that I print off, so I take time to do that at the beginning of the week.

5 Tips for planning your Homeschool Preschool Week. How to get organized for preschool

3. Gather materials.

This is a little different than paperwork because this is when I put together new sensory bins, checkout books from the library, download necessary movies, organize and purchase craft materials, and find the appropriate DVDs. Anything I think I will use I gather together in order to avoid searching all over the house each day.

4. Write out a plan.

If I’m not already working from a plan, I take a moment to write out a tentative plan for the week.

With time this will become more detailed, but for now simply writing what I want to accomplish during the week is helpful. I print off my lesson plans and write down our main concepts where I can refer to them often.

For example, the main concepts I like to keep handy:

  • Verse or Bible Story focus of the week
  • Letter
  • Number
  • Color
  • Shape

As my little boy grows, I will add “Character/Habit” to the list because I want to seek to be intentional about training character and good habits.

Right now we’re focusing on obedience as that’s what you do with a two year old 99% of the day. ๐Ÿ˜‰

To stay organized, I keep a homeschool notebook.

Below is a video tour of my homeschool planning notebook. It’s not incredibly impressive, BUT I think it will give you an idea of how to organize your own homeschool notebook (if you don’t already have one).

{If you can’t see the video, then click here: Homeschool Planning Notebook}

If you’d like some inspiration for planning and prepping by creating a mission statement, download my FREE Guide to Developing Your Own Personal Mission Statement and get crystal clear on your purpose! CLICK HERE.

5. Lay out materials.

Now that you’ve gotten a plan and gathered all the necessary materials, you can lay out the materials you will need for the week (or next day).

For us, I make sure my toddler has six fresh toddler trays (rotate out the ones he no longer seems interested in) and three engaging learning toys.

I also have a place for his toddler book and sensory bin. You can see more about these ideas by exploring our Intentional Toddler Time posts OR our Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum posts. It’s always much easier to have all the materials laid out ahead of time.

You see, I’m not naturally good at this. I’m learning as I go the best ways to teach my child.

I have to do a lot of research since I’m a first generation homeschooler.

It takes a lot of time to go all over the web and read book upon book about how best to educate my child.

Most of the time I’m on information overload and I become paralyzed on what to do – let alone how to plan what to do!

I have a Business Management degree with a geek side love for marketing. I’m not naturally inclined to teaching toddlers or preschoolers. I have “almost” a second degree in Human Resources with a geek side love for training, so I do love to teach!

I’m not educated in education, if that makes any sense. So I haven’t had classes on early learning development or how to get organized as a teacher, and I don’t think I have to (not that it wouldn’t have hurt!).

My point is that you’re probably like me.




And that’s okay!

You saw my homeschool notebook.

It’s not impressive, but it’s a start!

Just start somewhere.

Don’t try to be perfect, but seek to grow in the area of planning for your homeschool because it is an important trait to learn in order to be faithful in intentionally training your children.

Accept grace and enjoy the process of learning right alongside your children!

Your homeschool won’t look like mine. Find what works for you!

Want to teach your toddler or preschooler early learning skills while instilling biblical truths?

Homeschool Planner

Homeschool Planning Doesn’t Have to Be Overwhelming

Update: This last year of homeschooling was the best yet for my family, and it was the best yet for me as the primary education director of our home.

I actually had clear goals for my homeschool!

Head on over here to read more about the Your Intentional Family Homeschool Planning Guide and see how you can make plans and set goals based on God’s priorities for your children – right now in this season, right where you are.

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  1. Ok, this video and post was totally awesome! I have a TOTALLY different approach (primarily because I have MORE printables because of the two and, well, my approach is just different) but I love your tips and plan on implementing for mine. I specifically like how you have gathered info on Holidays, your prayer maps and, well, everything! Thanks!!!

  2. I love your organization! I think I need that Charlotte Mason printable, too! I’m definitely taking some of these organizational ideas for my notebook for my littles! Thanks for sharing!

  3. So I read about tot trays everywhere, but I’m not really sure what goes on them. Do you have a list of tot tray ideas or know where one could be found?

    Great notebook! You are so smart to start saving ideas for the future. I really should do that!

  4. Thank you so much for this! I have a 2.5 year old and have just been so down on myself lately because I’ve really been slacking with the homeschooling. I have the ideas and I know what activities I want to do, but when it comes times I’m just not prepared to do them. This post is just the kick in the pants I need to get organized. And so simple, too! I’m so glad I’ve found this blog!

  5. I have a desire to homeschool as well so this was very helpful/motivating/encouraging! So thankful for this blog!

  6. Shared very good points and tips in the blog. This serves as a great resource for many homeschooling children and their moms. Homeschooling certainly needs a pre plan you have shared the awesome points regarding.