fun summer treats for toddlers

5 Summer Treats to Share with Your Toddler

Enjoying summer treats is one of the best parts of summer. Who doesn’t love the sound of the ice cream truck?

This post is part of our 15 Days of Intentional Summer Toddler Activities and today I’m sharing with you five of the best summer treats to share with your toddler!

summer treats to share with your toddler

Don’t you just love summer treats?

We do!

Today we’re sharing summer treats that you sure don’t want to miss sharing with your toddler.

5 of the best summer treats to share with your toddler this summer! What a fun way to make memories together!

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5 Summer Treats to Share with Your Toddler

1. Ice cream

No summer is complete without a visit from the ice cream truck, or a trip to the local ice creamery.


You can even make the summer even more special by making your very own ice cream at home.

Some ice cream recipes I want to try:

2. Snow Cones

This is a classic summer treat as well. We have a snow cone maker (this one). It is the best thing ever!

We’ll definitely be pulling it out this year!

I rarely buy snow cone syrup. I like to make my own because it’s far cheaper. These look really good and a good alternative to the heavy sugar and Kool-Aid options.

3. Popsicles

We love popsicles around here. I dedicated an entire post to popsicles earlier in the series. You can see it here.

We use these popsicle molds to make our popsicles. We love them!

Try these delicious, real food Homemade Ice Pops by Don’t Waste the Crumbs.

4. Dirt Cake

This is such a fun summer dessert.

Every kids loves to eat dirt – why not actually make it edible?

We’ve used this dirt cake recipe before. Warning: it’s so not healthy; hence why this post is called TREATS. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We used this recipe for Samuel’s 2nd birthday party since we had a construction theme party.

Dirt Cake in a Dump Truck

5. Smoothies

Do you know why I love smoothies in the summer? They are perfect for breakfast, perfect for a mid-day snack. Or you could even pair it with a bowl of popcorn in the evening and, volia! You’ve got dinner!

We like to fill our smoothies with good veggies and fruit, but they taste so good our kids don’t know they’re eating something healthy.

What treats do you preserve just for the summertime?

Want even more ideas to enjoy an intentional summer with your toddler?

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  1. Where did you purchase the truck for the dirt cups? I am going to have a construction party theme for my soon to be 2 year old and I want to use dump trucks for food. But every dump truck I find is over 15 dollars a piece!