4 more tips to pursue your dreams right now

4 More Tips to Pursue Your Dreams Right Now

I’ve already shared four tips to pursue your dreams right now. But I have more. I have more because I want you to live your dreams. Because somewhere along the way, someone told you it wasn’t okay to dream.

I believe you have God-sized dreams in your heart just waiting for you to take action.

Maybe you dream of opening an orphanage. Maybe you dream of starting your family. Maybe you dream of leading your children to Christ. Maybe you dream of selling everything and moving to a third world country.

God-sized dreams come in all different shapes and sizes. They are as unique as each one of you reading these words. Your God-sized dreams are the dreams God has given you, planted in your heart. They are perfectly fitted to you. And each of our God-sized dreams are just as important as the other.

4 more tips to pursue your dreams right now

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4 More Tips to Pursue Your Dreams Right Now

1. Remember life comes in seasons

Seasons come and seasons go.

You won’t always be mama to three kids under three. You won’t always be caring for your elderly grandmother. You won’t always be buried in adoption paperwork.

Just because you can’t move as quickly on your dreams right now as you would like doesn’t mean this is a forever season or that you can’t work toward your dreams right now.

Nothing says you can’t work on writing that book God laid on your heart even if it takes you an extra year or two. Nothing says you can’t start reading about Uganda, if it’s somewhere you want to go. Maybe now isn’t the season to jump all in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work to hone your skills and learn more about your dream right now!

2. Include your family

Our dreams don’t have to be separate from our family. They can live our dreams with us. We can live their dreams with them. Of course, it’s likely our family won’t catch our dream entirely. But that’s okay. Help them get involved in a way that fits their unique giftings and personalities.

3. Don’t expect perfection

I’m an all or nothing sort of person. It has been through pursuing my dreams that I am learning this is not God’s heart for me. He is a God of graceHe wants me to do what He asks of me – nothing more, nothing less.

As I walk in the direction of my God-sized dreams, I won’t always get it right.

In the last three years, I’ve been pursuing my dream to use the written word to take the Gospel message all around the world. I’ve made some pretty big mistakes. I’ve taken a path only to discover it was entirely wrong. I’ve made choices that have sent me back peddling and seeking forgiveness. I’ve messed up a lot. But you know what? I’ve also had some big wins. A lot of wins. It’s not about perfection. It’s about pursuing daily the will of God.

4. Be willing to fail

Sometimes we won’t succeed. We have to be willing to take risks. We have to be willing to fail.

Want me to tell you a secret? Our worst fears of failure never hurt as bad as we expect them too. <–Click here to tweet that!

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Yes, we may end up broken and humbled, but there is no more fertile ground for the Lord to work than a broken and contrite spirit. It’s not about results. It’s about obedience.

Do you have dreams lying dormant? Take a moment right now and ask God to give you courage to pursue His dreams for your life … right now!

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  1. I just read this and the previous post. Thanks for the encouragement, my friend! I believe my dreams really DO come from my Lord, so I gotta get off my duff and get busy! (Although my dream is writing a novel, so I actually have to get ON my duff… but that’s just a technicality…)

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