31 days of learning to live intentionally in the home. What are you living for? Why did God save you? Why did God give you this family?

31 Days of Living the Gospel At Home

31 days of learning to live intentionally in the home. What are you living for? Why did God save you? Why did God give you this family?

The mission of Intentional By Grace is to encourage and equip Christian women to be intentional in order to live for Him. I want to help you live out your calling while being fully reliant upon the grace of God.

I want this for your family too!

We don’t live intentionally so we can be better people. We live intentionally so that we can bring glory to God!

Therefore, I have decided to write for 31 days on the topic of intentional family. I want to teach you (albeit not as an expert, but someone right there with you in the trenches of family life!) how to live the Gospel at home.

Starting October 1st, I will begin posting every day about living the Gospel at home. It doesn’t matter if you’re married or single, parenting seven blessings or only just married. This series will apply to you!

I will also have some help during the series, which I’m really excited about.

We’ll be hearing from our contributors about some practical ways they live out the Gospel in their homes, as well as thoughts from my own husband about what intentional family means for us.

It is our prayer that you will gain some fresh insights into what the Bible says about the home and family, as well as practical tips on how to begin living out the Gospel in your home.

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In addition, feel free to join our private Facebook group where I’ll be posting a link to each day’s post within the group. We can discuss the day’s topic, pray for one another, and offer encouragement along the way.

I suggest bookmarking or pinning this page for future reference. I will add all the links to the entire series below as they go live on the site. This means at the end of the series, you’ll have one page you can refer back to in order to review a topic or reference an idea you want to implement later.

Finally, I would love for you to share about this series with your friends. I want to help build strong Christian families, and I want people to see the value of ministry at home and from home.

I’m learning that people simply have no idea how to build the family unit that is distinctly Christian. If you’re excited about this series or find a post helpful along the way, I would love for you to consider sharing. Each post will have a social share option at the bottom for easy use.

31 Days of Living the Gospel at Home

Day 1: Why Did God Save You?
Day 2: Do You Profess to Know God but Deny Him by Your Works?
Day 3: Our Great Need as We Live the Gospel at Home
Day 4: Living the Gospel at Home Starts with Your Marriage
Day 5: The Character of a Christian Man Matters
Day 6: Gentle Guidance – A Helper Fit for Him
Day 7: Be a Helper, Not a Manipulator
Day 8: What’s Your Story?
Day 9: How to Create a Family Mission Statement
Day 10: Building the Family: Living the Gospel at Home on a Daily Basis
Day 11: Is Your Home a Place of Prayer?
Day 12: 5 Reasons We Don’t Pray the Way We Should
Day 13: The Extraordinary Gospel in Ordinary Life
Day 14: My Prayer Life is a Mess: 3 Ways I’m Seeking to Grow in Personal Prayer
Day 15: 8 Ideas for Family Prayer Time for Family Prayer When You Don’t Know Where to Start
{more to come!}

What do you most hope to learn about in this series? Share in the comments!

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