31 Days of Everyday Grace: What If {Day 15}

My heart is stirred. I’m finding it hard to breathe … again.

Thoughts swirl through my brain. My heart beats in my chest longing to reach out and heal.

I’m finding it hard to breathe.

I’m finding it hard to breathe knowing there are children hurting, women being torn apart, men lost in addictions, and families going hungry.

My heart aches for the poor. The poor I do not know. The poor I cannot see.

Why have the poor become so elusive? Why have I grown so numb? What happened?

Why do I find it hard to breathe?

What if?

What if I opened my eyes?

What if I took the next step?

What if I took a second to learn where the clothes I wear come from?

What if I gave away a month’s income to a community in Latin America so they can have clean water for the thousands?

What if I stopped complaining about my sisters in Christ and started loving them?

What if I opened my heart to the teenagers in my town?

What if I came out of my comfort zone and into the uncomfortable?

What if I asked Jesus to use me … in any way he chooses?

What if I meant it?

What if I became a voice for the poor?

What if I took Jesus at his word and became his hands and feet?

What if I chose to turn the other cheek?

What if I loved the unloveable?

What if I allowed my tears to turn into actions?

What if?

31 days of everyday grace

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