31 Days of Everyday Grace: Making “Me” Time Happen {Day 23}

I felt pinned up. Like I was suffocating. Every day was a battle. I needed to get out without toting a baby carrier or packing one hundred and one snacks to keep a toddler occupied.

Five minutes here and there wasn’t cutting it.



Photo taken by Duttons Photography

I needed air in my lungs. I needed to spin the pedals of a bike until I couldn’t spin anymore. I needed the wind in my face. I needed to see God’s creation, be in it, drink it in.

So I did it.

I made time.

I got a babysitter for my two boys.

I scheduled a date with my husband.

He cleared his work schedule. He tuned my bike and made me a Trello checklist of things to wear and bring.

I wiped dust from the legs of my bike shorts and pulled a dust ball out of my shoes.

And in thirty five degree weather we rode our bikes around town.

The sun shone and I breathed grace in and breathed grace out. Everyday grace.

Sometimes mamas need a break. Sometimes you have to be the one to make it happen. It’s okay. No guilt. All grace.

31 days of everyday grace

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