reflections of an ordinary day

31 Days of Everyday Grace: End of an Ordinary Day {Day 20}

reflections of an ordinary day

It’s the end of another ordinary day. I sit and listen to the noises of life around me.

The dishes dry in the sink. The G.I. Joe’s scatter the floor. I live in a world full of boys. My boys.

The toddler boy motor boats from the bathroom. He entertains himself as he waits to be sure he’s done. I recall the day he decided he no longer wanted diapers. The day he asked, “Where my big boy underwear, Mommy?” So confident. So sure of his new endeavor. We never looked back. He decided and that was that.

Now Daddy sings, “This is the way we wash our hands…” Teaching a toddler hygiene. Making it fun. The basics that seem so natural to us has to be learned by him.

I sit on the couch surveying the scene, lips pressed against the head of a newborn. I can’t believe he came after just over two hours of labor. I can’t believe ice cream was the last thing I purchased before he was born.

My phone buzzes with a message asking us to bring a veggie tray tomorrow night. Real friends. I’m still amazed.

Pretend airplanes flying and giggles of a father and son playing are the noises of the evening. Snores from a newborn bring in the harmony.

We talked about adoption tonight. What if we did?

Family. I’m filled with awe. Time spent together is time never wasted. What we do is not spectacular. It’s faith. Faith in something greater than ourselves. Faith in the One who created us. Everyday grace moments lived in the ordinary.

31 days of everyday grace

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  1. Leigh Ann, I am enjoying reading your 31 days of Grace blog. It makes me think back to when my children were young. I don’t think you can ever be told enough to savor every moment because it goes by so quickly (even though you may not feel like it in certain moments). I hope your blog reminds young mothers of that every day!! Thanks for taking a few minutes to share your thoughts.
    Oh and I have wanted to adopt my whole adult life but my husband doesn’t have the same desire. That makes me sad. I’m happy that you are talking about it with your hubby.