20 gift ideas for the little boys in your life. Checkout these meaningful learning toys and toys that don't make noise. | IntentionalByGrace.com

20 Gift Ideas for the Little Boys in Your Life

20 gift ideas for the little boys in your life. Checkout these meaningful learning toys and toys that don’t make noise.

Every year I get asked what gift ideas I have for little boys. People are particularly interested in learning toy ideas and toys that don’t make noise, I think.

So, I want to give some gift recommendations and ideas to help you make your lists and hopefully help you give good, quality, long lasting gifts to the little boys in your life!

20 gift ideas for the little boys in your life. Checkout these meaningful learning toys and toys that don't make noise. | IntentionalByGrace.com

Gift Ideas for Little Boys

Spiritual Growth Gifts

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name– This is hands down our favorite children’s storybook bible. You can see what other children’s storybook bibles my family recommends here.

What's In The Bible

What’s in the Bible DVDs – We purchased the entire Old Testament DVD series for our oldest boy on Black Friday years ago. This set has been played over and over and over again. We plan to round out our set with the New Testament DVDs this year.

Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum for Toddlers!

Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum for Toddlers – The Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum for Toddlers is a downloadable eBook designed to help you teach early learning skills to your child while instilling God’s truth. One week at a time, I guide you through sharing the Gospel with your child through various Bible stories and learning opportunities. This is perfect for little boys whose mom or caregiver desires to teach the Bible in a hands on practical way! You can print the eBook and have it bound for your little boy’s mom or caregiver to work through with him.

Learning Toys

Choosing lasting, meaningful learning toys is the key to a little boy’s heart. The following is a list of our absolute favorite, most played with toys! Many of these recommended gift ideas will last for years and years (and some work for girls, too). These amazing learning toys have been passed down from generation to generation and are now making their way through all of my children. I love gifts that keep on giving!

Magneatos Set – Magnetized building set for little hands. These are played with on a weekly basis in our home.

Lauri Tall-Stacker Pegs Building Set – We love these! They are great for little hands and imaginative play.

Lauri Tall-Stacker Number Express – another favorite!

Wood Blocks Set– Wonderful toy for open ended play and years and years of fun.

Melissa & Doug Toolbox Fill and Spill– We got this for Samuel several years ago. He still plays with it alongside his little brother now.

Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks– Such a simple set, but filled with loads of fun.

Melissa & Doug Beginner Pattern Blocks– I had no idea how much my boys would love this set of puzzles. This has been a favorite of both my boys!

Melissa & Doug Stack and Sort Board– Love this one! Both of my boys have spent hours playing with this one through the years.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Little Boys- learning toys and toys that don't make noise

Just for Fun

Dress Up Clothes – My boys spend a lot of time each day transforming from one character to another. We have several dress up sets like Construction Worker , Little Engineer Set, or superhero dress up. We also have some of Daddy’s old shirts and neckties. Anything goes!

Strider Classic No-Pedal Balance Bike – Great beginner bike! We have the red one, and it’s now making its way through little brother. I expect it will last through our third child as well. These bikes are durable and perfect for teaching children to ride pedal bikes much sooner. We were able to skip training wheels altogether with our oldest!

All Star Sports Climber & Slide– Oh how this boy loves his slide. He loves climbing up it with rocks in his hands. Then, when he’s at the top, he drops them over the side through the basketball hoop. Score!

Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set– Daddy says this will be Samuel’s birthday present. Makes this basketball lovin’ mama proud. Great for gross motor skills!

Baby’s First Baseball {Teeball}– another absolute favorite! Big Papa surprised us with this little jewel on Sam’s first birthday. Not a day goes by he doesn’t play with it. It’s starting to get too small for him, but he still loves it.

MacGregor Batting Tee – For the bigger boy, a regular tee for batting practice has been loads of fun for us! Don’t forget a bat. We like this one

Classic Wooden Figure Eight Train Set– another daily favorite! We got ours from IKEA for $9.99. Best 10 bucks we’ve ever spent!

Wooden Kitchen Set – I know, I know. A boy gift? It’s a little out of the ordinary, but Grammy got a wooden kitchen with a few pots and pans for our toddler boy on one of our IKEA trips. He loves it, and I love it. I mostly love it because when I’m cooking, I can tell him to cook on his. I keep it in the dining room. He loves being like Mommy! Now, both boys play with this set non-stop. It’s such a simple gift that keeps on giving.

For more ideas, you can check out our favorite learning toys here.

20 gift ideas for the little boys in your life. Checkout these meaningful learning toys and toys that don't make noise. | IntentinalByGrace.com

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So tell me – what little boy gifts would you add to the list?

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  1. My boys (5&3) are content with something to build with (LEGOs, magnatiles, wooden blocks), something to play with (animal figures mainly), and something to draw with (usually a pen and spiral notebook). Add in some books, and that’s really pretty much all they do all day! They have definitely gone through other phases like tools and more dress-up, but this is where they are happiest now.