16 Ways to Help Your Child Learn to Write His Name

16 Ways to Help Your Child Learn to Write His Name

16 Ways to Help Your Child Learn to Write His Name

My son loves to spell his name. It’s been a lot fun coming up with new and interesting ways to help him learn to write his name.

I’m a sucker for round-up posts when it comes to home preschool ideas. Therefore, I wanted to put together a post of ideas on ways to help your child learn to write his name. I think it’s the list maker in me. I like to see lists built around similar topics.

Nevertheless, maybe it will help you too if you’re in the season of life similar to mine.

16 Ways to Help Your Child Learn to Write His (or Her) Name


Letter Stamps – We love letter stamps. They are perfect for practicing spelling your child’s name over and over and over again!

spell your name with play dough_edited-1

Playdough & Cookie Cutters – A fun, simple way to work on fine motor skills and putting letters in order.

play dough and straws

Playdough & Straws – Straws that are cut up into small pieces make spelling your name in playdough a little more fun!

Letter Buttons – These letter buttons are great for using in various ways. Our favorite way is to stick them down in playdough.


Highlighter Tracking – Write your child’s name with yellow highlighter and then let him trace the letters in all the colors of the rainbow.

Letter Magnets – I like sticking letter magnets on the refrigerator. They are great for keeping little hands busy during dinner hour.

letter magnets

Magnetic Letter Construction – Using letter construction magnets, let your child construct his name on a white board or baking sheet.

play with food

Snack Time Creations – Using whatever food you want, allow your child to construct the letters in his name. We’ve used raisins, apples, celery, and almonds. Occasionally, spaghetti noodles turn into letters as well.

Foam Letters Foam letters are great for bath tub. Just dump some letters into tub and make bath time learning time!


Name Puzzles – I like to create name puzzles around the theme of the week. For example, cut a heart shape out of construction paper. Write your child’s name on the heart. Then cut out shapes from the heart allowing one letter per piece.

finger paint

Finger paintFinger paint is just fun for so many reasons. We like to use finger paint on freezer paper because it makes writing our name in the paint super simple.

yarn and sand paper

Yarn and Sand Paper – Just cut out various sizes of yarn and let your child form letters from the pieces on sand paper.

spell your name christmas tree

Letter Stickers – You can stick the letter stickers to shapes to make a Christmas tree (or anything else!) or just use stickers to spell your child’s name on a piece of paper.

letter blocks

Wooden Letter BlocksWooden blocks are classics for many reasons – one of which is the ability to spell your child’s name as you play!

letter s snowflake craft

Letter Crafts – Letter crafts are a great way to practice spelling your child’s name. If you need letter craft ideas, check out this post.

letter g practice sensory

Salt Tray and Carrot – We practiced writing my child’s name in salt when we rowed The Runaway Bunny. He loved it!

What about you? What fun ways have you found to help your child write his (or her) name?

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