10 Last Minute Meaningful Homemade Christian Gift Ideas

10 Last Minute Meaningful Homemade Christian Gift Ideas

Do you need some last minute Christmas gift ideas? Then keep reading because we have you covered with some homemade gifts and printables that will make any woman on your list smile! 

Are you running out of time to get everyone on your list a Christmas gift?

We get it.

We’ve all been there.

When it comes time for Christmas, we all want to give meaningful gifts that matter.

Gift giving is a representation, a symbol of sorts, of the ultimate gift that Jesus coming to earth as a baby was and is to us.

The opportunity we have each year to bless the people in our lives is such a privilege!

Therefore, the items on this list will encourage and bless the people in your life as you practice the art of giving meaningful gifts, even if they are last minute gift ideas.

10 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Christian Women

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10 Last Minute Meaningful Homemade Christian Gift Ideas

1. Prayer Notebook

Do you have access to basic office supplies? Then you can make a Prayer Notebook! If you want to encourage a friend in their prayer life, this would be a great gift to make.

2. Bible Story Stones

These would be great to make and give to a family with little ones, or to your own little ones! You can make it with simple supplies you already have in your home, or your own backyard. If you can, you could even pair these with a great children’s Bible like the Jesus Storybook Bible.

3. 2022 Made to Give Life Seasonal Goal Planner

Made to Give Life Planner

Do you have a friend with lots of ideas but has a hard time nailing down and getting it done?

Or a friend who is a new Christian and isn’t quite sure where to start living her purpose in Christ?

Or maybe you have a friend who just wants to be more intentional in the new year, and you want to give her something that will help get her started.

Then, check out the 2022 Made to Give Life Seasonal Goal Planner!

It’s a digital planner, so you don’t need to wait for it to ship (Score!).

You can either purchase the Goal Planner and send it to her inbox, or you can purchase and have it printed and bound for her (I opt for the latter 😉 ).

We’ll teach you exactly how to print and bind after your purchase (Double score!)

Click here to learn more about the 2022 Made to Give Life Seasonal Goal Planner.

4. Bake a Tray of Goodies

  • Pull out all your favorite cookie and banana bread recipes and bake away! Place all the goodies on a tray and sprinkle with powdered sugar. The great thing about this is if you make enough batches, you can make several trays for several gifts.

5. Baking Mix or Hot Cocoa Mix Jars

6. Bible Reading Plans

Free Printable Topical Bible Reading Plans

A Bible Reading plan can be great to encourage a woman who would like to get into the Word more. Maybe you offer to do it together.

You could choose a theme, one of our favorite is the Gratitude Collection, or you can choose any theme your friend might need.

If you are a subscriber you can access all of our FREE Bible Reading Plans.

But if you’re making it a last minute gift, any one or combination of our downloadable journals would be perfect.

7. Get the kids involved: Tin Can Lanterns

  • Tin Can Lanterns– these would be great along with a printed poem or scripture about Jesus being the Light of the World (John 8:12, John 1:4, and 9).

8. Use Your Creative Gifts to Create Something Unique

  • A Handwritten note
  • Paint a picture, write a poem, or write a song that tells them how much you appreciate them
  • Make them a card with encouraging scriptures or pictures that they can keep as a keepsake
  • A collage frame filled with pictures of the two of you, friends, or other family members

9. DIY Photo Coasters

  • DIY Photo Coasters are a unique way to gift photos to your friends and family. Grandparents especially love these and they’ve been a huge hit every single time I (Leigh Ann) have gifted them.

10. Gift of Service

  • This gift doesn’t come with wrapping and a bow, but bless your friend by offering your hands. You can clean her house or bring a meal over. Make sure you know your friend and if she wouldn’t mind a drop in visit, or if she’s the kind who appreciates a warning text before you come over with the bucket and scrubber.
  • Think about a service she pays for regularly that you can do for her. Does your neighbor pay to have someone come let her puppy out at mid-day while she’s at work? Offer to do it for her instead.

We hope this list sparked some ideas for gifts for the Christian women on your Christmas list, or maybe you found some ideas to put on your own Christmas wish list!

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