10 Gift Ideas for the Older Christian Woman on Your Christmas List

10 Gift Ideas for the Older Christian Woman on Your List

Do you need some gift ideas for the “older” Christian women on your list? Then keep reading because we have you covered!

10 Gift Ideas for the Older Christian Woman on Your Christmas List

When it comes time for Christmas, we all want to give meaningful gifts that matter.

Gift giving is a representation, a symbol of sorts, of the ultimate gift that Jesus coming to earth as a baby was and is to us.

The opportunity we have each year to bless the older women in our lives is such a privilege!

For some of us coming up with gift ideas for others is easy.

But for many of us it can be a challenge to pick out just the right gift that will bless and encourage the recipient in the true meaning of Christmas.

So, today we want to help generate some ideas for the “older” Christian women on your Christmas list.

As women, we were made to give life.

It’s in the very DNA of the way God designed us.

Therefore, the items on this list will encourage and bless the older women in your life to become the women of God they were created to be.

Whether it’s through a practical gift like books, or an action-oriented gift like taking her out for coffee, you will bless the Christian women in your life with life-giving encouragement this Christmas.

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Older Women

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10 gift ideas for the older woman on your Christmas list!

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1. Something to Encourage Her Faith

You can’t go wrong with a gift card to Amazon or a local bookstore. Or even an audio book subscription like Audible.

But if you’re looking to buy a book, then check out these:

Don’t forget to grab a lighted magnifier to help with small print during her study time, or a book rest to relieve the weight of holding books.

2. Something to Remind Her She’s Appreciated

  • Handwritten note telling her all the ways she’s loved you well over the years. If you have children, they can write notes, too.
  • Are you creative? Paint a picture, write a poem, or write a song that tells her how much you appreciate her
  • Make her a card with encouraging scriptures or pictures that she can keep as a keepsake
  • A collage frame filled with pictures of the two of you, other family members, or of the grandchildren.

3. Something to Warm Her Soul

4. A Bible Study to Teach Her Heart

5. Jewelry to Remind Her of Truth

6. Music to Lift Her Spirits

  • Chris Tomlin’s Holy Roar
  • Audrey Assad’s Inheritance on vinyl has beautiful arrangements of beloved hymns

7. A Coffee Date and a Few Laughs

  • Sometimes we can get so busy during the holidays that we don’t always take time to stop and chat with a friend or loved one. Invite your friend, mother, or grandmother to meet you at a coffee shop and pay for her purchase. Then enjoy talking about anything but your to-do lists.

8. Something to Remind Her She’s Beautiful

9. Something to Encourage Her Interests and Hobbies

10. Service to Bless Her

  • This gift doesn’t come with wrapping and a bow, but bless the older woman in your life by offering your hands.
  • You can clean her house or bring a meal over.
  • Read a favorite book aloud.
  • Take her clothes shopping.
  • If the older woman is your husband’s mom, then encourage him to take her on a date. She will love this!

We hope this list sparked some ideas for gifts for the Christian women on your Christmas list, or maybe you found some ideas to put on your own Christmas wish list!

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We would love for you to share any gift ideas for Christian women you’ve come up with. Feel free to add them below in the comments!

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