Meaningful Christmas Gift Ideas for the Christian Moms on Your List

10 Gift Ideas for the Christian Moms in Your Life

Do you need some gift ideas for the Christian moms on your list? Then keep reading because we have you covered!

Meaningful Christmas Gift Ideas for the Christian Moms on Your List

When it comes to Christmas gift buying, there is no one I want to give a more meaningful gift to than my mom.

Gift giving is a representation, a symbol of sorts, of the ultimate gift that Jesus coming to earth as a baby was and is to us.

And moms are a beautiful example of sacrifice day in and day out.

As women, we were made to give life.

But moms can get tired and discouraged, and Christmas is a wonderful time to remind the Christian moms in our lives that what they do matters.

Whether it’s through a practical gift like books, or an action-oriented gift like babysitting her kids, you will bless the Christian moms in your life with life-giving encouragement this Christmas.

10 Gift Ideas for Christian Moms

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10 Gift Ideas for the Christian Moms on Your Christmas List

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1. A Book to Encourage Her Faith

You can’t go wrong with a gift card to Amazon or a local bookstore.

Don’t forget to grab some Book Darts which are awesome for keeping track of favorite passages to reference later!

2. A Journal for Recording Family Memories

3. A Mug to Warm Her Soul

4. Something to Encourage Her Faith

5. Jewelry to Remind Her She’s Thought Of

6. Something to Remind Her She is Appreciated

  • Are you creative? Paint a picture, write a poem, or write a song that tells her how much you appreciate her
  • Make her a card with encouraging scriptures or pictures that she can keep as a keepsake
  • Or a scrapbooking page dedicated to her and all she does

7. Something to Make Her Laugh

Sometimes we can get so busy during the holidays that we don’t always take time to find the humor in the chaos.

8. Something to Remind Her She is Capable and Equipped

9. Something to Encourage Her Interests and Hobbies

Sometimes moms are so busy taking care of and supporting the people dearest to her, she doesn’t always take time to pursue her own interests and hobbies. Gift her something to remind her that she can do that!

  • Is she crafty? Offer some new crochet needles and yarn, or some paints and canvases.
  • Is there an eCourse that trains her in the hobby she’s always wanted to try?
  • Is she a hiker? How about some hiking gear.
  • Some new scrapbooking supplies
  • Is she into fitness? How about some new workout leggings.
  • Is she a musician? Get her a gift card to a music store or concert tickets to her favorite band.
  • The Intentional Living Bundle is a group of downloadable resources that will help her manage her time and help her plan out her goals in order to be able to accomplish the things she has always wanted to do.

10. Give the Gift of Service to Bless Her

  • This gift doesn’t come with wrapping and a bow, but bless the mom in your life by offering your hands.
  • If she has young kids, offer babysitting for an afternoon or evening. Let her get a chance to get out without the kids and pamper herself, run some errands, or have a date with her hubby.
  • You can offer to clean her house, fold some laundry or bring a meal over. Make sure you know this mom and if she wouldn’t mind a drop in visit, or if she’s the kind who appreciates a warning text before you come over with the bucket and scrubber.

We hope this list sparked some ideas for gifts for the Christian moms on your Christmas list, or maybe you found some ideas to put on your own Christmas wish list!

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