10 Gift Ideas for the Christian Girls on Your Christmas List

10 Gift Ideas for the Christian Girls on Your Christmas List

Do you need some gift ideas for the Christian girls on your list? Then keep reading because we have you covered!

10 Gift Ideas for the Christian Girls on Your Christmas List

When it comes time for Christmas, we all want to give meaningful gifts that matter.

And gifting young women who love Jesus with meaningful Christmas gifts can be hard.

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a hundred times, “This age is so hard to buy for!”

As women, we were made to give life.

It’s in the very DNA of the way God designed us.

And becoming the woman of God you were created to be doesn’t start when you become a wife and mom!

Actually, it doesn’t start once you’re all grown up.

It starts the minute you enter this world, and the delivery attendant proclaims, “It’s a girl!”

Our young girls are also on this journey of becoming the women of God they were created to be, and this Christmas we can give gifts that encourage them to grow up into maturity into the woman God has created them to be.

Whether it’s through a practical gift like books, or an action-oriented gift like spending time with her, you will bless the Christian girls in your life with life-giving encouragement this Christmas.

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Christian Girls

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10 Gift Ideas for the Christian Girls on Your Christmas List

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1. Something to Remind Her She is Wanted

2. Something to Encourage Her Faith

Christmas is a great time to invest in her spiritual life. A Bible makes a perfect life-giving gift!

3. A Tumbler to Refresh Her Soul

  • Try this tumbler from Day Spring, or look for some other sweet mugs

4. Something to Remind Her She is Beautiful

  • An article of clothing- maybe a scarf, cardigan, new boots
  • Gift Certificate to a salon for hair or nails
  • If you’re creative, write a poem or a song that reminds her how beautiful God has made her (Psalm 139 may be a good place to start!)

5. Something to Remind Her of the Father’s Love

6. A Coffee Date and a Few Laughs

  • Teen girls, even tweenagers, are usually social and love to talk. Take your girl out for coffee and just be with her. Ask some good questions and get to know her heart in a way that makes her feel honored and loved. This is especially good if Daddy takes her out!

7. Books to encourage Her Faith

8. Something to Encourage Her Interests and Hobbies

  • Is there an eCourse that trains her in the hobby she’s always wanted to try?
  • Is it sports? Some new gear or tickets to a game with her favorite team
  • Is she into fitness? How about some new workout leggings or bluetooth headphones
  • Is she a musician? Get her a gift card to a music store or concert tickets to her favorite band.
  • Find something that sparks her interest for nature, photography, video, writing/reading, baking, or party planning
  • 9. Music to Lift Her Spirits

10. A Journal to Record Her Thoughts and Prayers

We hope this list sparked some ideas for gifts for the Christian girls on your Christmas list, or maybe you found some ideas to put on your own Christmas wish list!

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