Books to Help You Grow in Your Spiritual Life

10 Books to Grow Your Spiritual Life

Are you looking for books to add to your Christian reading list? Today’s post will help you add books that will help you grow in your spiritual life to your stack!

There are several categories in the 2019 Intentional By Grace Reading Challenge pertaining to reading books to grow your spiritual life.

Therefore, today we’re sharing 10 books related to the topic of growing in your spiritual life that we mined out of the sea of Christian reading material to help guide you in choosing good books on this topic.

As women, we were made to give life.

Because I believe the more we know God (and how to grow in our knowledge of Him), the better equipped we are to love others through our words, actions, and attitudes.

10 Books to Grow Your Spiritual Life for Your Reading List

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Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin

Offering a clear and concise plan to help women go deeper in their study of Scripture, Women of the Word will equip you to engage God’s Word in a way that trains your mind and transforms your heart.

What Happens When Women Pray by Evelyn Christenson

What Happens When Women Pray is a practical and biblical book about prayer. Its teachings have been tested in hundreds of prayer seminars all over the world, as both men and women have learned to pray in more personal and believing ways. What Happens When Women Pray will show you how to move into the dynamic that occurs when people pray. It just might change your life or the life of someone you know and love.

Disciplines of the Heart by Anne Ortlund

Disciplines of the Heart: Tuning Your Inner Life to God is a sequel to Anne’s book, Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman, which was all about the outward life – using a notebook, keeping a desk, organizing yourself and your home. But Anne didn’t want to just be known for teaching women about how to order their outward lives when their inward lives desperately needed ordering as well. Disciplines of the Heart tackles the hunger in us for more than being organized and productive and helps us tune our hearts to holiness.

Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health 
by Donald Whitney

Are you spiritually healthy or just spiritually busy?
This book’s 10 probing questions will help you look beyond your spiritual activity to assess the true state of your spiritual health and help you on your journey of spiritual transformation. See how the spiritual disciplines―including prayer, worship, and meditation―can take your spiritual health from fair to excellent.

The Spiritual Life by Andrew Murray

“Our meetings have just this one object: to try and find out what are the possibilities of the Christian life as God has revealed them in His word, what are the hindrances that keep the majority of believers out of that life, and what are the steps by which to come in and take possession.”

Every Moment Holy by Douglas McKelvey

EVERY MOMENT HOLY is a book of liturgies for the ordinary events of daily life–liturgies such as “A Liturgy for Feasting with Friends” or “A Liturgy for Laundering” or “A Liturgy for the First Hearthfire of the Season.” These are ways of reminding us that our lives are shot through with sacred purpose even when, especially when, we are too busy or too caught up in our busyness to notice. 

Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster

Celebration of Discipline provides a wealth of examples demonstrating how spiritual disciplines can become part of our daily activities—and how they can help us shed our superficial habits and “bring the abundance of God into our lives.” He offers crucial new insights on simplicity, demonstrating how the biblical view of simplicity, properly understood and applied, brings joy and balance to our inward and outward lives and “sets us free to enjoy the provision of God as a gift that can be shared with others.” 

With: Reimagining the Way You Relate to God by Skye Jethani

If we’ve grown weary of Christianity, if we find most any local church uninspiring, maybe the problem lies not in the Christian faith or these faithful bodies, but in our own disgruntled hearts.  In With, Syke Jethani tenderly unmasks the clichéd posturing that too often masquerades as genuine communion with Christ.  More importantly, he takes readers to the humble place they must occupy–in prayer, studying Scripture, with the Church–if faith, hope, and love are to truly mark our lives.  

The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer

“As the heart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God.” This thirst for an intimate relationship with God, claims A.W. Tozer, is not for a select few, but should be the experience of every follower of Christ. But, he asserts, it is all too rare when believers have become conditioned by tradition to accept standards of mediocrity, and the church struggles with formality and worldliness. Using examples from Scripture and from the lives of saints who lived with this thirst for God, Tozer sheds light on the path to a closer walk with God.

All of Grace by Charles Spurgeon

In an age of limited travel and isolated nations, C.H. Spurgeon preached to over 10,000,000 people in person—sometimes up to 10 times per week. It is in this classic work that Spurgeon most clearly presents the message of salvation—man’s ultimate need and God’s unique provision—both simply and sincerely, for honest seekers and zealous witnesses alike.

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What books would you suggest to grow your spiritual life??

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  1. The Desire of Ages by E.G. White and Steps to Christ by E.G. White

    You cannot read either of these books and not be closer to Christ afterwards.