Welcome to Intentional By Grace! This has been a blog in the making for over two years!!! We have toyed with the idea of starting a website time and time again, but it seemed that each time we were ready to commit God said, “Wait just a little bit longer. It’s not time yet.”

Throughout the last few years, God has taught me about what it means to wait upon Him and His timing. I confess, it has not been easy. There were many times when I would shake my fist at God and say, “Why not now?!?” However, each time He had a lesson for me to learn. Lessons for which I am still learning, no doubt.

I am a prideful woman. I am self-righteous. I am not kind. I am not patient. I am not worthy to serve anyone in any capacity, let alone through my love of writing. Therefore, it is only by the grace of God that this site has begun.

This site erupted into being and brought along every insecurity I have. I do not feel capable of managing a blog with an actual focus. I do not feel capable of writing on a larger scale with more frequency. I do not feel like I have anything of consequence to tell you about.

However, it is through these insecurities that God and my husband saw fit to push me into the water. The water is deep. I don’t particularly like water. I wear gloves to do my dishes because I hate getting my hands wet. I don’t like swimming in a lake because I can’t see my feet. I don’t like the ocean because of it’s power.

My friends, I’m scared. I’m afraid of what it is to come. However, my fears are buried within me. They are without thought of God and what He is capable of doing.

What will this blog accomplish? Will it serve my readers? Will I make a fool of myself?

These are questions still left to be answered. I don’t particularly like the unknown. I prefer the low risk of the known. It’s this line that I walk so tightly. It’s this line that gives this blog substance.

To live intentionally is to walk a tight rope. On one end, I’m in control. On the other, I’m looking at God. It’s easy to muddle the two. I hope that I am capable of differentiating the two with each post that I write.

So would you come along with me in this journey? Will you join me as I write about what the Lord is teaching me? Will you help me as I seek to walk in a manner worthy of my calling?


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    Your tender heart toward the Lord and your willingness to evaluate what you believe, how you do things, etc. will be honored by the Lord! Thanks for spurring others one toward Biblical thinking in every realm of life! :)


  1. […] Launching Intentional By Grace in April 2011 was one of the scariest, riskiest, odd defying things I’ve ever done. I never aspired to be a writer, at least not until I started writing. You see, growing up, I kept a journal, but I wasn’t formally trained in grammar and persuasive writing. I went to college to get a Business Management degree. Why? I’m embarrassed, but I’ll tell you anyway. I don’t like being managed, and I wanted an office with a window. I just wanted to be my own boss, which was indicative of my state of mind when I graduated high school. I was going to be independent before I was dependent. I told you a few weeks ago that true womanhood eluded me so this should not surprise you. […]

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