Motherhood: More than Meets the Eye

You have a job. Whether you work out of the house or not, if you have (or are having, or will have) babies, you have a job.

A mission.

Some support and others slander your position. But what is your position? What do you actually do?

There are many different shapes, sizes and colors that make up the job, profession, lifestyle that we call “motherhood.” Below are the posts as we venture along with eight different mothers as they share their personal journey of motherhood!

Motherhood: More Than Meets the Eye:

Transitioning from a Stay at Home Wife to a Stay at Home Mom {Young Wife’s Guide}

Being a Stay at Home Wife When You Can Barely Afford It {The Humbled Homemaker}

I’m a Stay at Home Mom without a Soul to Call Friend {Intentional By Grace}

Working Outside the Home Before Becoming a Stay at Home Mom {The Humbled Homemaker}

Why I Left Work for My “Real” Job {Christian Mommy Blogger}

Deciding to Leave an Awesome Career {From Cube to Farm}

I Was a Stay at Home Mom, Now I’m Not {Day 2 Day Joys}

How to Manage Being a Work at Home Mom {Christian Mommy Blogger}

Being a Stay at Home Mom When You Don’t Have to Be {Unofficial Homeschooler}

Being a Stay at Home Mom When Your Husband is Gone A LOT (Part 1) {Intentional By Grace}

Being a Stay at Home Mom When Your Husband is Gone A LOT (Part 2) {Intentional By Grace}

{Check back for more posts in the series each Monday!}

Here are all of the other blogs participating:

Christian Mommy Blogger
The Humbled Homemaker
Triple Braided Life
Young Wife’s Guide
Day 2 Day Joys
From Cube to Farm
The Unofficial Homeschooler

Join us so we can embrace this job that God has laid heavily on our hearts – our mission – motherhood! It truly is much more than what meets the eye! Let’s dig deeper, one mama at a time!


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    I’ve really enjoyed your series on motherhood. I wanted to add another kind of mother to your “list”: the mother who stays at home to homeschool school age kids. Now that my youngest is beyond preschool-age, I’m really in a different stage staying home to teach them! Homeschooling and training my kids really keeps me as busy as a mom of preschoolers and I confess at times envying the free time of stay-at-home moms who have kids in school. I can’t believe how busy I still am despite the fact that my kids can buckle themselves in and bathe on their own! They can even contribute to cooking and cleaning, but that’s essential since the luxury of leftovers seem to be a thing of the past!
    Joy recently posted..Why is homeschooling so frustrating?My Profile

    • says

      Joy, what great input! We will tuck it into the back of our minds (or maybe the front, ha!) to see what we can do. We have a few more “moms” we want to get on the list, as well. We might have to bring this series back in the new year!


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