Intentional Toddler Time is Now Intentional Homeschool

You might have noticed we didn’t have Intentional Toddler Time this past Friday. Or you might have noticed us dropping hints about a new endeavor all weekend on our Facebook page. Well, that’s because we’ve been working really, really hard to show you something.

After launching Intentional Toddler Time as a new feature here at Intentional By Grace, we quickly learned that it needed to be a site all to itself! Because the questions came flooding in, and we had far more to share than would fit into IBG’s editorial calendar, we decided to launch a separate site to record our journey toward growing our little ones for the glory of God!

So today, we launch Intentional Homeschool! And we are beside ourselves with excitement!

The mission of Intentional Homeschool is to encourage mothers to cultivate a love for learning and exploring within the hearts of their children from birth to adulthood. Learning does not begin when we send our children off to school or buy their first curriculum for homeschooling. The opportunity to guide, educate, inspire, encourage, and exhort our children, in not only normal development but in the ways of the Lord, begins the second they enter this world. We believe children are far more capable of grasping the concepts of the Bible far sooner than we give them credit for.

At Intentional Homeschool, it is our desire to provide refreshment for the soul partnered with practical tips and resources to make your homeschool a place where it is impossible to not think about God.

Intentional Homeschool is Not Just for Homeschoolers

We want to encourage you to see your home as a place of learning no matter your views on how to “formally educate” your children. We believe this site will be applicable to those planning to homeschool, as well as those planning to send their children to public school (or already do one or the other). Intentional Homeschool is applicable because, as parents, we are commanded by God to instruct our children. We want to encourage you to intentionally pursue the hearts of your children, instructing them in the way they should go, no matter how you choose to educate formally.

How Will Intentional Homeschool Encourage Me?

Well, why don’t you head on over to Intentional Homeschool and have a look for yourself. You can read our entire welcome post to learn more!

In addition, we will be having a seriously fun party all week at Intentional Homeschool, and right here at Intentional By Grace! Starting tomorrow, November 6th, we will be running a launch party filled with giveaways galore. Since Intentional Homeschool would not exist without Intentional By Grace, we wanted to get you in on the action as well! So stay tuned for giveaways to start first thing tomorrow morning!

What are you waiting for?

Head on over to Intentional Homeschool right now and sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss a single thing!


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