Intentional Conversations: Why A Surrendered Marriage Challenge

On Monday, I announced  A Surrendered Marriage Challenge, which is a challenge to pray for your marriage daily. The Surrendered Marriage Challenge exists to encourage one another and keep one another accountable as we work to develop the habit of praying scripture for our marriages.

We are fallen creatures. We cannot do this on our own. I’ve tried. It doesn’t work. For our marriages to reflect God’s purposes, it has to be God in us – working, molding, changing, conforming. This challenge exists because I want our marriages to represent Him so that more people want to know Him and serve Him. Be sure to register here so we can assign you to an accountability group and encourage you as you seek to make prayer for your marriage a daily habit. The challenge begins April 16th!

Also, be sure to check out Christian Mommy Blogger, Young Wife’s Guide, and Chasing Leadership for more reasons to join A Surrendered Marriage Challenge.

{If you can’t see this video, then click here – Intentional Conversations: Why A Surrendered Marriage Challenge.}

I have written several posts about praying for our marriages. I hope you’ll check them out for further encouragement.

Have you registered for A Surrendered Marriage Challenge? See the entire post explaining the challenge here.


  1. Amanda says

    I am so excited to start this challenge! I have organized a group of local women to do this challenge together. I had a suggestion. It would be so wonderful and time saving to be able to download your ebook “Intentional conversations” right from the confirmation email and also have a link there to the ebook “31 days to build a better spouse”, I had read in one of your posts that that ebook would be helpful to have during the challenge, but it was very time consuming going back and forth to posts to find it and then get connected to her site. I had trouble walking friends thru the process as well.
    Also could you explain in further detail how the groups could work. I am not sure how to set things up as far as FB or email is concerned. Would I set up an event thru FB and then invite only who is attending. Would that be private? On email, I am assuming that we would each set up a group in our address books with everyone that is participating.
    We would like to meet face to face weekly as well to discuss, would your ebook be a good discussion starter for that aspect?
    Thank you so much for organizing this!!

    • says


      I am so excited to hear that you are starting your own group. I think it will be so much more effective to do with people you know because it’s also a great tool to build deeper relationships within the community you are a part of!

      Thanks for your questions and suggestions. I’m going to be answering some of these questions in the very near future right here on the blog. With this being our first time to do the challenge of this magnitude, it has been hard to anticipate all the questions, but we know for the future, right? :)

      The ebook isn’t completely finished yet. So that would be the reason it’s not coming over first thing, ha! We are working like mad women (and men) to get it finished up, and it will be finished. Do not fear! :) We’ll be sending the ebook out in an email to the address that you signed up under. This is part of the reason why everyone who will be participating will need to sign up (they can get the book delivered right to them).

      I will be taking Monday, March 19th to explain in detail how the groups will work. If you’re not already, then you might consider subscribing to Intentional By Grace so you don’t miss anything. But in short, the Facebook and Email groups are private. You would set up a FB group, which I will have a tutorial for on Monday.

      Finally, I think the ebook would be great for a conversation starter for weekly meet-ups. I’ll be sure to flesh this out a little more on Monday as well.

      Thanks again for your questions. This helps us to make this challenge flow more easily and become much more user friendly! :) We appreciate you!

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