A King, a Prince, and a Wretch


By contributing writer, Ami  Once upon a time there was a king. Now, this king was everything a good fairy tale wants. He was powerful, but also good. He was just, but also merciful. He was wise, faithful, and fiercely protective of his kingdom. And he loved his citizens, not as one aloof or stoic, but with passion and vehemence, as if they were sons and daughters. One day the king called for Continue Reading

You Will Find Rest for Your Souls


By contributing writer, Ami My fingers and toes were ice, but my face was flushed and hot. Wrapped in a blanket, wearing several layers, including socks and slippers, I could not get warm. The tell tale signs were like stealth fighters. spies on a covert mission. Try as I might to thwart them, I merely slowed their progress. The tactic changed. It was a full-on frontal assault, a barrage of Continue Reading

4 Ways To Beat Discontentment

4 Ways To Beat Discontentment | IntentionalByGrace.com

Image from Flickr.com By contributing writer, Jane For much of this year, I've struggled with a general feeling of discontentment. I've spent most of my time hoping and praying for new things to happen: a new baby, a new house, new friends, a new church, restored health. I've shared all the desires of my heart with God and waited in expectation. But as weeks, then months, went by without Continue Reading

Surrender it All, Today

Surrender it All

I just had such a great quiet time this morning (amongst the playing toddlers!). I was working on a Bible study and was filling out a little "question/survey" form put together by Priscilla Shirer. It just made me think. I think it would be a good exercise for each and every one of you. Do you feel like it is all in vain? Do you feel like you go through the motion of serving God? You go to Continue Reading

How to Overcome Sin {And Live a Victorious Life}


This post is written by contributing writer, Alina Joy from Good Old Days Farm. Imagine it's the day of the big game.  The fans are in the stands cheering wildly.  The cheerleaders are on the field with their pom poms and big smiles on their faces.  The opposing team is at the other side of the field looking tough.  The air smells like hotdogs and popcorn and the excitement in the stadium is Continue Reading

Finding Beauty in All Creation

finding beauty in all creation

This post is written by contributing writer, Kimberly from The Corner of Birch and Divine. At first arrival, it was exactly the paradise I expected it to be. The sand was soft, the ocean was vast, the palm trees were plentiful, the sun was hot, and the breeze was refreshing. The smell of Island hung in the air, and I took a deep, grateful breath of it. Our tropical vacation had finally Continue Reading

Top 10 Tuesday: My Morning Worship Playlist

prepare your heart with a morning worship play list

Worship through song has been missing from my morning time with the Lord for far too long. In the wee hours of the morning, when my brain has barely begun to function, let alone think about the One who created all things, starting with music is so helpful. Not only does my brain start functioning more quickly, but it brings my heart into a state of worship.   A few weeks ago, I put Continue Reading