4 Ways to Be More Intentional with Your Spiritual Life in the New Year

We all want to be more intentional with our spiritual life. As Christians, our time with Jesus is ever so important, yet too often it’s the first thing to go when life gets busy. And boy does life get busy! This time of year always brings about anticipation for a fresh start. We take time to reflect back over the… Read More

My Prayer Life is a Mess: 3 Ways I’m Seeking to Improve

My prayer life needs improvement. Prayer has always been a struggle for me. As a mom of young children, tips like “pray at the same time every day” or “review your note cards throughout the day” or “don’t think you need to pray long prayers” just discourage me. Because the truth is I want to pray at the same time… Read More

The Snare of Entitlement {Not Just a Teen Issue}

I felt the sun streaming through the window warming my cheeks. The fan oscillated casting a gentle breeze across the room. I snuggled a little further under my blankets as I listened to the silence coming from the monitor. My husband’s footsteps crept down the hallway and the smell of coffee drifted into the room. A real live day that played… Read More