Intentional Conversations: What Circumstances Are You Allowing to Change the Gospel Message?

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Welcome to Intentional Conversations! I am excited to get back behind the camera so I can chat with you face-to-face. Granted I was totally exhausted and it was well past 9pm when I shot the video, so bear with me. Nevertheless, we are back in business and I would love to talk to you about the gospel. I would love for us to answer this question in each of our own lives: What circumstances or Continue Reading

Intentional Conversation: The Lord Accepts Your Prayer

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Welcome back to Intentional Conversations! This week I believe the Lord has a word for those of us in a season of tears and pleas for the Lord to make good on His promise to us. During my quiet time I found myself asking God if He even cared that I was crying my eyes out, or if He even heard me when I prayed. I was beginning to grow concerned that my prayers weren't making it past the Continue Reading

Intentional Conversation: Every Need is Not Your Calling

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Welcome back to another week of Intentional Conversations! Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the phrase, "Every need is not your calling." I think it can be hard to say no when your flesh wants to say yes. We can exhaust ourselves saying yes to everything without first consulting God and determining His purpose for our lives. But even so, how do we say no with peace when the need is so Continue Reading

Live for God’s Glory!

New Years Resolution 2013

Welcome to another Intentional Conversation! I pray you have just a few moments (6 actually) to sit down and watch me converse with you! If you can't watch the video (or simply want to refer back) you can view some notes below the video. Enjoy! Today we discuss choosing to live for God's glory! {If you can't see the video, then click here: Live for God's Glory!} Pin or Share (or print!) as Continue Reading

Intentional Conversation: Who Are You Working For?

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I'm so excited to get to chat with you this week! I hope you find today's Intentional Conversation an encouragement during this busy holiday season. {If you can't see the video, then click here: Who Are You Working For?} Tell me in the comments who are you working for? Do you feel like you are working for God or man? Continue Reading