4 Ways To Beat Discontentment When It Feels Too Hard

By contributing writer, Jane For much of this year, I’ve struggled with a general feeling of discontentment. I’ve spent most of my time hoping and praying for new things to happen: a new baby, a new house, new friends, a new church, restored health. I’ve shared all the desires of my heart with God and waited in expectation. But as weeks,… Read More

Reclaiming Hashtag Blessed

By contributing writer, Ami Blessed. It’s a word that often makes my skin crawl. “I’m so blessed.” I cringe at the statement, hoping no one else can see the involuntary shudder. Blessed is a perfectly biblical word, so what’s the big deal? Aren’t you being cynical? Surely, you’re just bitter because others have what you want. Yes, sometimes it’s hard… Read More

The Snare of Entitlement {Not Just a Teen Issue}

I felt the sun streaming through the window warming my cheeks. The fan oscillated casting a gentle breeze across the room. I snuggled a little further under my blankets as I listened to the silence coming from the monitor. My husband’s footsteps crept down the hallway and the smell of coffee drifted into the room. A real live day that played… Read More

Goodbye 2013

Dear 2013, You’ve been hard. Too hard. I’m sort of glad to see you go. I wouldn’t trade a single moment of a single day, but I’m ready for a new year, a new start. It’s been a year of brokenness. A year of picking up the pieces and starting again – over and over and over again. You’ve peeled… Read More

A Lesson in Gratitude: Saying Grace {or Not?}

As the eggs steamed under my nose, I reached across the table to grab my toddler’s hand. It was a normal day of saying grace before we would break the fast, and yet my toddler refused to take my hand. Instead he held firmly to his fork and said, “No God. Eat.” I sat stunned alongside my husband as we… Read More

Finding Beauty in All Creation

This post is written by contributing writer, Kimberly from The Corner of Birch and Divine. At first arrival, it was exactly the paradise I expected it to be. The sand was soft, the ocean was vast, the palm trees were plentiful, the sun was hot, and the breeze was refreshing. The smell of Island hung in the air, and I… Read More