10 Ways to Help a Friend Who has Experienced Miscarriage

10 Ways to Help a Friend Who Has Experienced Miscarriage - Intentional By Grace

Note from Leigh Ann: I asked Tiffany to guest post after her words and actions, though she's many miles away from me, ministered to my grieving heart and helped give me hope when we lost our baby, Lucy, in a miscarriage. The tangible ways in which she cared for my family was a blessing, and I know this post will bless many who aren't sure how to care for someone going through a miscarriage. By Continue Reading

Dear First-Time Mom Who is Waiting on Labor to Start


Dear First Time Mom Who is Waiting on Labor Start, You are almost there! The day you have been waiting for since you found out you were pregnant, and you're eager, oh so eager, to hold your baby in your arms. You're tired of imagining that little nose and tired of guessing whose eyes your baby will have. You're tired of having someone else tie your shoes and tired of running to the bathroom Continue Reading

9 Ways to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy and Boost Your Fertility

9 ways to prepare your body for pregnancy and boost your fertility.

Another month passed, and my monthly cycle was late. Yet the stick screamed "not pregnant." Not pregnant? But I'm five days late. How can this be? Not to mention, I'm exhausted and beyond irritable. Clearly I should be pregnant. These are early signs of pregnancy! Nevertheless after a year of praying for a baby, my womb remained empty. The question continued to be - do I trust God with my Continue Reading

My Miscarriage Changed Me

my miscarriage changed me_edited-1

A few weeks ago we found out we were pregnant with our third child, but soon after I began to bleed and reality sank in. I had a miscarriage, and the following is what I wrote as my baby was taken into Heaven. It is my prayer that by sharing my innermost thoughts that those who have been through or will go through a miscarriage can find encouragement and solidarity as we choose joy amidst our Continue Reading

Dear New Mama Who is Pregnant for the First Time

dear new mama who is pregnant for the first time ... some encouraging words you need to hear! | IntentionalByGrace.com

Dear new mama who is pregnant for the first time, First, congratulations! What a joy that you are with child! The wonder that fills you as you begin to dream about the baby hidden away in the secret parts of your womb, the baby a size of a pin prick, the baby that will one day fill your arms and heart so full you'll swear you'll burst from it all, this wonder is overwhelmingly Continue Reading