Dear New Mama Who is Pregnant for the First Time

dear new mama who is pregnant for the first time ... some encouraging words you need to hear! |

Dear new mama who is pregnant for the first time, First, congratulations! What a joy that you are with child! The wonder that fills you as you begin to dream about the baby hidden away in the secret parts of your womb, the baby a size of a pin prick, the baby that will one day fill your arms and heart so full you'll swear you'll burst from it all, this wonder is overwhelmingly Continue Reading

31 Days of Everyday Grace: Rocking a Promise Fulfilled {Day 5}

baby hog

As I sit rocking my baby, I am overwhelmed by God's grace - everyday grace. I think back to when I rocked a crying baby, and remember God's promise to me in that sad, tear streaked moment. I remember the whisper assuring me that we would have more babies. I remember placing my hand over my womb and hearing the name Timothy. The baby who would one day fill my womb and the place in my arms and in Continue Reading

Share Your Birth Story {Linkup Party!}

share your birth story linkup party

I love hearing other women's birth stories! We live in a culture where we generally don't experience a live birth until it's our turn. One of the things that helped me prepare for my first baby was listening to other women's birth experiences and stories. Hearing others' experience is the next best thing to witnessing a live birth. So we thought it'd be fun to do a little round up of birth Continue Reading

Timothy’s Home Birth Story

Timothy newborn-5

Timothy George Dutton was born at home on September 2, 2013  at 5:25 in the afternoon - a Labor Day baby (go figure!). He weighed 6 lbs 14 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. And the following is the rest of the home birth story...if you don't like birth details, then the above is all you need to read. :) Labor began one week before Timothy actually made his appearance. This was exactly how my Continue Reading

Luke’s Birth Story {36 Minutes and There You Are!}

Luke Anthony 1

Luke, Oh sweet boy. I waited for you. I thought I wanted all boys. I was blessed with your big sister Shelby and then your sister Karli. After having them I could barely imagine being a Mama to a little boy. But I found out I was having you and I could not have been more happy. I was finally getting a little boy. And his name would be Luke. My pregnancy with you FLEW by until the last few Continue Reading

Why We Chose a Doula

Why We Chose a Doula

I have had three children. I started my journey with a regular-old "hospital birth" with no intentions of a natural birth. With each birth since, I have strived to be a bit more natural. With my first two, there were a few things standing in my way of a natural birth: My inability to be: fully informed about all of the potential medical decisions I need to make. The endurance and Continue Reading

Birth Story Reflections {Nikki, Where is Your Husband?}

Shelby and Mommy Maternity

Karli Rae was quite a surprise to me. I have always seen a women go into labor on TV and thought, "That never happens to people in real life." You know the story: water breaks, she goes to the hospital, gets admitted, has the baby, all is well. My sweet second baby was like this. She was nothing like my first, right from the very start! I had a full menu planned for our traditional Continue Reading

The Best 26 Hours of My Life

Shelby in carseat copy

I have three littles! This is the story of my first. I also have the story of Karli, who was born while my husband was deployed, and Luke, my little boy! (This one is coming soon). Dear Shelby, 4 years ago, almost to the day, you came into this world in what I would say was the most amazing, joyful and perfect and.... LONG moment. Oh sweetheart. How I love you. And looking back, I love Continue Reading

Preparing for a Home Birth {My Home Birth Kit}

preparing for a home birth - my home birth kit

This post is part of our Grace for the Pregnant Mom Series. See all our posts here. Preparing for a home birth requires some basic supplies to be on hand. Of course my midwife will have all the medical supplies, emergency provisions, and a few other comfort items like a birthing stool, but I am required to make sure I have several items sterilized and ready when it comes time to bring our baby Continue Reading

Preparing for Labor Day: Scripture Encouragement for Pregnancy

Scripture encouragement for pregnancy and birth

This post is part of our series, Grace for the Pregnant Mom. You can see all our posts here. The last weeks of pregnancy can be particularly trying, and as I look forward to a natural birth at home, I can be tempted to fear or grow weary of the long process. I am often reminded of my need for God's sustaining grace. Bearing children for nine long months and doing the hard work of giving birth Continue Reading