My Miscarriage Changed Me

my miscarriage changed me_edited-1

A few weeks ago we found out we were pregnant with our third child, but soon after I began to bleed and reality sank in. I had a miscarriage, and the following is what I wrote as my baby was taken into Heaven. It is my prayer that by sharing my innermost thoughts that those who have been through or will go through a miscarriage can find encouragement and solidarity as we choose joy amidst our Continue Reading

The Truth that Changed My Parenting Attitude

The Truth That Changed My Parenting Attitude - Intentional By Grace

Parenting. It humbles me. It stops me in my tracks. It brings me to my knees and to the end of myself. Everyday I fail. I lose my temper. I parent in exasperated exhaustion, choosing the easiest solution rather than going to the Lord for renewed strength. Last night, Sam did something he had never done before. Something wrong. Something that scared me because this path he is on leads Continue Reading

A Recipient of Extravagant Grace

extravagant grace

By contributing writer, Ami By now I’m sure your Christmas preparations are well underway. Twinkling lights, trees, wrapping paper, cookies, hot chocolate, wreaths, ribbons, shopping, carols, traditions… It’s a delightful hustle and bustle. I love it. I absolutely do. But sometimes I start to forget the main thing. Maybe you do too? Well, come sit for a minute, grab a cup of coffee, and slow Continue Reading

Our Great Need as We Live the Gospel at Home

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I think yesterday's post left something to be desired. Do I profess to know God but deny Him by my works? Do I live the Gospel at home? Better yet ... How can the Word of God fill my home when I don't know but a handful of scriptures from memory? How can I lead my children when I don't even understand the entire Bible myself? What if I'm still figuring out this whole Christianity Continue Reading

Dear New Mama Who is Pregnant for the First Time

dear new mama who is pregnant for the first time ... some encouraging words you need to hear! |

Dear new mama who is pregnant for the first time, First, congratulations! What a joy that you are with child! The wonder that fills you as you begin to dream about the baby hidden away in the secret parts of your womb, the baby a size of a pin prick, the baby that will one day fill your arms and heart so full you'll swear you'll burst from it all, this wonder is overwhelmingly Continue Reading

31 Days of Everyday Grace: Making “Me” Time Happen {Day 23}


I felt pinned up. Like I was suffocating. Every day was a battle. I needed to get out without toting a baby carrier or packing one hundred and one snacks to keep a toddler occupied. Five minutes here and there wasn't cutting it.   Photo taken by Duttons Photography I needed air in my lungs. I needed to spin the pedals of a bike until I couldn't spin anymore. I needed the wind in Continue Reading

31 Days of Everyday Grace: The Curse of Motherhood {Day 12}

quiet time curse

The baby nursed and promptly fell back into a slumber. I rolled out of bed eager to dress and head downstairs for a hot cup of coffee and my Bible. I miss quiet mornings in the Word of God. I miss meeting with God without the background music of toddler jabber and grunting newborns. I miss the undistracted, unhurried time with my Savior. While my coffee brewed, I gathered my quiet time Continue Reading

31 Days of Everyday Grace: Dear New Mom {Day 8}

dear new mom

Dear New Mom, You just had a baby. You know it's okay to rest, don't you? It's okay to stay in your pj's all day. You don't have to bounce back and get back to the business of living life right.this.instant. There's grace. New mom, you can leave the clean laundry (that someone else did for you) in the baskets in the middle of your bedroom floor all week long if you need to. You don't have to Continue Reading

31 Days of Everyday Grace: Brothers & Family Devotions {Day 2}

everyday grace

Brothers. Sweet, sweet brothers. I'm through the roof excited that we welcomed another little boy to our family. Boys are just sweet on their mamas. Yes they are dirty, rambunctious, and loud, but mamas get a sweetness shared with them that compares with nothing else. Moms of boys, you know what I mean.  This moment captured - I never want to forget it. "Timmy, who made you? God made Continue Reading

31 Days of Everyday Grace: A Bath Interrupted {Day 1}

Clingy Baby

This post is part of 31 Days of Everyday Grace series. You can see all the posts here. My throat ached and my eyes drooped. Sickness set in on our family like a thief in the night. With the lack of sleep and changing seasons, my immune system plummeted and there was no escaping the evil cold complete with sore throat and achy bones. My oldest was enthralled in a movie with Daddy. I looked at Continue Reading