5 Things I’ve Learned About Pursuing a Dream

5 Things I've Learned About Pursuing a Dream - Intentional By Grace

I believe each of us is made for a purpose, and if we would only allow ourselves to dream, we might discover a path that we didn't even know existed right at our finger tips. My husband and I have always talked about traveling, but until now, we've never really done it. We've always had one hundred and one reasons why it wasn't a good idea right now. We don't have enough money. We don't Continue Reading

Choosing to Take Life By the Horns and Really Live

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I want to live. I mean really live. I want to take life by the horns and milk it for all it's worth. I want to see the world God created. I want to soak in the California sun. I want to feel the wind whipping through my hair in the capital of Illinois. I want to taste the syrup of New England. I want to swat flies in Africa. I want to experience the waterfalls of Australia. I want to get Continue Reading

Home Preschool Week in Review {Letter T & What is Gentleness?}

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What a fun week we had learning about gentleness, the letter T, Abraham, camping and tents, The United States of America, and best of all Chicago. It was a full week of home preschool and very little of it was planned time. Much of what we did this week was child-led and it was a whole lot of fun! I always like to make a plan with a general theme to work on throughout the week, but I rarely Continue Reading

Family Game Night with a Three Year Old

Need some ideas for family game night? Here are 7 games you can play with a three year old!

We love family game night! Last year I shared our favorite games to play with a two year old. I wanted to do a follow up post and share our favorite games for three year olds with you today! If you need some family game night ideas, then you have to try one of these games. They are much loved in our house! 7 Games to Play with a Three Year Old at the Next Family Game Night UNO MOO Preschool Continue Reading

3 Beautiful Ways To Preserve Your Summer Memories

3 Beautiful Ways To Preserve Your Summer Memories | IntentionalByGrace.com

By contributing writer, Jane What was the highlight of your summer this year? Whether your family went camping, hosted an ice cream social with friends, or enjoyed a staycation, I bet your family did at least a few fun things this summer. I also bet you took more than a few pictures in the midst of all the fun.  Nowadays, we don't often have to be reminded to take pictures. Many of us Continue Reading

8 Summer Travel Bag Necessities

8 Summer Travel Bag Necessities | IntentionalByGrace.com

By contributing writer, Victoria Summer time and family vacations just go together hand in hand. Most of us have wonderful memories of family vacations when we were kids and can't wait to create similar memories with our own families. Whether it be the all-American road trip or a vacation where you travel by plane, vacations can create once in a life time memories. But they can also Continue Reading

11 Helpful Tips for a Successful Staycation

11 Helpful Tips for a Successful Staycation | How to create a fun and relaxing vacation at home. | IntentionalByGrace.com

By contributing writer, Amy Our family has a somewhat troubled past when it comes to vacations.  I don't believe in "luck," but if I did, I'd have to say vacations bring us bad luck. There was the year we went camping at the beach in the heat of August....the time a hurricane hit out vacation rental the day after we arrived....and the trip when our van's air conditioning broke more than nine Continue Reading

How to Have a Gingerbread House Party

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The Christmas season is the perfect time to be intentional and show hospitality by inviting people into your home. For us a gingerbread house party was just the thing! Where I live, people really tend to hibernate in the winter. Mounds and mounds and mounds of snow will do that to you. I have to work really hard not to do the same thing!  As a stay-at-home-mom, my time is limited, and with a Continue Reading

Christmas Advent: Our 2013 Plan

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I love Christmas! The birth of Jesus is such a wonderful reason to celebrate! Counting down to Christmas is a beautiful way to demonstrate to our children how the world was holding it's breath as it waited for the Messiah, waiting for the Savior of the world. There are so many ways we can count down the days to Christmas with our little ones. This year my oldest will be nearly three years old. Continue Reading

Family Game Nights: 6 Board Games to Play with a Two Year Old

Need some board game ideas for your next family night? These 6 board games are even great for two year olds!

We love family game nights with our two year old. It is so much fun! The choice to implement family game nights means we are spending intentional, uninterrupted time with our toddler. This is quality time spent as a family while our son has the chance to learn some valuable lessons through play! I've shared some of our adventures on Instagram and have in turn answered a lot of questions Continue Reading