5 Ways to Intentionally Point Your Kids to God This Summer

By contributing writer, Liz With a baby set to arrive any day over here, we are planning for a simple Summer. However, for a lot of families Summer is a time that is packed full of vacations, trips to the pool, and lots of other activities. With such a big break from your normal routine, how are you going to… Read More

What a Chocolate Bar Taught Me About Grace

It was the night before Easter. The night before the big celebration. We quieted our hearts while the four year old asked if he could eat his bread yet and the toddler squirmed around in Daddy’s lap reaching for the grape juice. We knelt together, the four of us, and prayed for the Holy Spirit to convict our hearts of… Read More

Christmas Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

This time of year always finds my family enjoying Christmas themed activities during home preschool and intentional toddler time! I use Pinterest a lot for gathering ideas, but when it comes time to implement, I like to have all my ideas that I want to try in one place. This post rounds up all the simple Christmas crafts, Christmas themed… Read More

How to Make a Felt Christmas Tree (and How to Use It for Learning!)

A few years ago, I created a felt Christmas tree for my then 18 month old. Each year, I fold it up into a gallon zip top bag and place it in the bin with all my Christmas decorations. For one of our Advent activities every year, we pull it out again and decorate our felt Christmas tree together. Then… Read More

31 Family Traditions For A More Intentional Christmas

By contributing writer, Jane Do you have any Christmas traditions in your family? Growing up, my family always drank eggnog and listened to Michael W. Smith Christmastime music while decorating the tree. We always got new pajamas on Christmas Eve (my sister and I have been known to beg for this tradition to continue even into our adult years!)Β And we… Read More

Advent Ideas {Plus free downloadable Advent Activities Pack}

I love Christmas! The birth of Jesus is such a wonderful reason to celebrate! We like to count down the days to Christmas as a family. This year we have a three year old and a one year old to celebrate the Advent season with and I am beside myself with excitement. There are so many ways we can count… Read More